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Rick Grantham

Co-Founder & Head Analytics Dude

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February 8, 2021


January 29, 2021


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About Me.

Me with my boys.  Hey all.  It's Rick.  

A little background.  I am a Six Sigma Blackbelt and a Sr Director at a Business Intelligence Consulting firm.  I have led Business Intelligence deployments on 5 continents. I have been in Analytics for 25 years.

I fell in love with Excel early in my career when I when I was in finance, building pricing models and forward looking financial statements for $1B+ deals.

In short, I am a nerd for this stuff.  I built this community as a way of giving back.  But over time, this community has become a passion of mine.  I am now dedicated to making this the only real place to be for analytics and Excel.

Keep on Excellin'  --- Rick

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