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Season 01 of Excel in the Wild w/ Oz du Soleil

SSSVEDA DAY 5 – When Data Analysis is Wrong
In this episode, Oz discusses the dos and don’ts of a sticky situation: when one’s data analysis is wrong! If[...]
SSSVEDA DAY 4 – Sharing the Excel Knowledge
The theme of today’s episode is about finding better ways to get the job done. And nothing helps take the[...]
SSSVEDA DAY 3 – Peek Inside My Excel Work Environment
There is always a set of problems we repeatedly run into as data analysts. We promise ourselves to fix them[...]
SSSVEDA DAY 1 – Beware of Ghost Peppers & Suspect Excel Charting
What to do when you are offered ghost peppers or Trinidad scorpion peppers? Which one would you choose? Oz is[...]
01: Data Perspectives From An Unwitting Analyst
Paige Takes Us Into Her World Paige Worthy is based in Chicago and is a Client Services Director for a[...]
Introduction – Excel In The Wild
It's time! Excel in the Wild has started. We're taking conversations about Excel and data out into the wild! We're[...]