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47: Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com

Excel.TV is back, baby! Stop by here at 8:00pm Eastern on Wednesday January 23rd for a LIVE episode with Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com. Excel.TV alumnus Oz will also be joining us for an awesome show! If you missed the glory days of Excel.TV, well, now’s your chance to join us for the fun. Be sure to watch […]

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46: Like A Phoenix – We’re Back

It has been almost 2 & 1/2 years since our last show.  After some turmoil and growth, we are back for Season 4. What are you gonna find in this episode? Well, Rick and I (this is Jordan typing 🙂 ) discuss changes in our lives and changes in Excel. A lot has been going […]

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45: Kasper Langmann – Spreadsheeto.com

Kasper Langmann – Spreadsheeto.com Kasper Langmann of Spreadsheeto.com joined the Excel TV crew for Episode 45 on Wednesday July 27th at 9:05 pm Eastern. The panel discussed the pros and cons of formal (collegiate) Excel education vs learning Excel on the job.  The group discussed how they learned Excel. There was some discussion of this episode with George […]

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44: Danielle Stein Fairhurst – Financial Modelling in Excel

Danielle Stein Fairhurst – Financial Modelling in Excel Specialist Danielle started out in Investment Banking during the London boom-time of the ‘90s and has been using Excel ever since! As Principal Consultant of Plum Solutions, she is regularly engaged as a speaker, course facilitator, financial modeling consultant and analyst. She runs many training seminars around […]

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43: George Mount – Economics & Business Analytics Blogger

George Mount joined us Tuesday April 19, 2016.  George runs the Economics & Business Analytics website GeorgeJMount.com George’s blog at georgejmount.com is a resource for analysts wanting to advance through Microsoft Excel and business analytics. The site logs everything he’s learned after years of experience to help those beginning to use data for business analysis, […]

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42: Brad Edgar – Excel Dashboard Expert at BradEdgar.com

Brad Edgar joined us on Tuesday March 15 at 9:05pm Eastern.  Brad runs the Excel Dashboard website Brad Edgar.com How Brad Got Started Brad’s experience with Excel dashboards started out from the more technical end as he started his career implementing ERP systems and developing short database queries to gather, collect and update data for his […]

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41: John Michaloudis – Excel Trainer at MyExcelOnline.com

The show aired Tuesday February 15 at 7:05pm Eastern.  We were joined by John Michaloudis.  John runs the Excel training website myExcelOnline.com John also runs a very successful Excel Podcast where he interviews Excel Bloggers, Authors and Trainers. Podcast?  Courses? If you are sitting in a desk right now.  Working for “The Man” and you […]

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40: Ginger Grant – Power BI Blogger, Trainer and Speaker

Ginger Grant joined the show on January 19th, 2016 at 9:05pm Eastern.  Ginger is an Excel Trainer, blogger and conference speaker focusing on Power BI and all the Power Excel Tools.  Check out her blog, Desert Isle SQL Have you been curious about Power BI?  Want to learn more?  Then join at 9:05pm Eastern on […]

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39: Power Query Book Author Ken Puls

Excel MVP, Blogger and Author Ken Puls Ken originally appeared on Excel TV during Season 1 where we discussed training methods for Excel teachers. Ken is the host at http://ExcelGuru.ca The site is popular for the Excel Guru forum as well as Ken blog posts.  Most recently, Ken’s posts have focused on Power Query This brings us […]

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38: Mynda Treacy – Online Excel Trainer

Mynda Treacy runs one of the more successful online Excel Training programs on the internet at http://myonlinetraininghub.com Courses range from Power Pivot to Excel Dashboard development with nothing more than Excel and some raw data. Mynda joined us to discuss how she built her online empire, and what did she learn about the business of […]

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37: Oz du Soleil – Excel Author, Blogger and Consultant

Excel TV alumnus Oz du Soleil joins us to discuss: His new book on Data Management His experience with using Indie Go Go campaign to fund book illustrations His long awaited Excel TV show that he has been working on. Excel In The Wild That’s the name of Oz’s Excel TV show.  The first episodes […]

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36: Johann Odou – ModelOFF – Financial Modeling World Championship

Johann Odou, the CEO of Professional Services Championship League (PSCL), the group that runs ModelOFF (Financial Modeling World Championship) joins us on Wednesday October 7th at 9:05pm Eastern. Some big happenings in the 2016 version of ModelOFF. ModelOFF moves to London for 2015 Global Training Camp for 2015 ModelOFF Meetups happening around the globe Free Registration For […]

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35: Michael Alexander – DataPig Technologies – Power BI Bootcamp

Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies and the BaconBits Blog joins us on Tuesday Sept 15th at 9:05pm Eastern. We will discuss Michael’s blog, his fascination with pigs and bacon, and Excel dashboards. Additionally, Michael will expand on what is happening with his Excel Power BI bootcamp in Dallas, TX. Excel Contest? Well… kind of. During […]

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34: Jon Acampora – ExcelCampus.com – VBA Pro Course

Excel MVP Jon Acampora of Excel Campus.com joins us to discuss his new VBA Pro Course. The show aired 9:05pm Eastern on Wednesday September 2, 2015. During the interview, Jon not only discussed his course, but also offered a complimentary copy of the course.  What did you have to do to win? Go to the […]

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33: Chris Newman aka Chris Macro – TheSpreadsheetGuru.com

Welcome to The Spreadsheet Guru Chris Newman aka Chris Macro aka TheSpreadhseetGuru joins us to discuss the creation of his blog.  Chris runs TheSpreadsheetGuru Chris gathered his skills in the workplace.  During a rotational assignment he happened upon Excel and had to clean up spreadsheets and found that he had a gift for it.  His […]

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