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Visual Analytics in Microsoft Excel Webinar: Raw and Uncut

Get the Download FilesClick here to download the files used in this webinarWhat Happened? Last week, I recorded a webinar for BhamQuants. Unfortunately, the video did not come through well on the webinar. So I rerecorded it on my own.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to edit it this week. So you get to watch it […]

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How to create a relative file path in Power Query

What do you think of the video thumbnail? I was trying to go for Excel Vaporwave.  In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to create a relative file path. I’m sharing this because it’s a common problem: the client asks me to build something, which happens on my computer, but then I need to […]

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Make Your Excel Spreadsheet into a Bitmap Image With This Excel Magic Trick

Turn any image into an Excel file?Ever think about turning your face or that picture of your neighbor’s dog into an Excel file? Well, even if you haven’t, you now can!  Years ago I created this little utility that can turn any image into an Excel file. Click here to download it for yourself.How do we […]

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Excel Data Visualization: Presidential Approval Ratings with Slicers & Power Query – Chart Tricks

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you’ll love the chart I’ve created, which you can adapt and use in your own work. The instructions are a bit complicated, so rather than go through every element with figures, I’ve written up what I would do assuming you’re watching and following along in the […]

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5 Questions You Must Answer Before Starting a new Excel Project

In this episode, I discuss how to scope out an Excel project based on my history as a consultant. I give you the 5 questions you must answer before starting an excel project. Before I go into that, however, I should describe why many projects fail. Projects fail because they are too narrowly focused on […]

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Using Power Query to Connect Tables for Reporting | Excel.TV, Episode 55

An Excel Joke to Start Off…Did you hear about the database developer that walked into a bar? They saw two tables and tried to join them.  And that’s what we’re doing this week! Last week, as you might recall, I posted an overly complicated solution to this problem based on formulas.   This week, I’ve simplified it […]

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Advanced Excel Tutorial – VLOOKUP() Speed in Excel | Excel TV, Episode 54

CORRECTIONSeveral people pushed back on the video I release this morning and I want to thank them (and in particular Wim Gielis). This caused me to open my laptop on the train while on the way to a client’s office (so I could see if I was wrong … which I was!). When I realized […]

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Excel Tutorial Concat Function in Excel with TEXTJOIN – Excel.TV Episode: 53

And we’re back…We took a brief hiatus for the holiday season here in the United States (Passover, Easter, and 4/20) but we’re back and better than ever. Say “Hello,” TEXTJOINThis week, I wanted to introduce you to my next best friend, TEXTJOIN. TEXTJOIN was added to Excel a few years back, and came about – I […]

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52: How to Create Running Totals & Rankings in Microsoft Excel Power Query

Let’s say Hi to Szilvia!This week Szilvia shows us some awesome Power Query tips in the context of something many of us do – bar trivia!  Excel.TV’s own high priestess reports from sunny, southern California, where spreadsheets are the brightest you’ve ever seen. Excel Tips & My thoughtsAs someone who is just really getting started with […]

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Oz du Soleil…Supercut!

Excel.TV’s 50th Episode!It’s finally here! Roll out the red carpet, prep the T-shirt cannons, and turn on that fire house! BECAUSE. TODAY. EXCEL. TV. RELEASES. IT’S. 50TH. EPISODE. LOL: Last week was our 50th episode – but this feels momentous nonetheless!It’s Oz, like you’ve never seen him before!We took some of our favorite clips from the last […]

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Budgets vs Actuals Target Chart in Microsoft Excel – Excel TV: Episode 50

In this week’s episode of Excel.TV, we show you how to build a budget vs. actuals chart. Really, though, this is what I call in my book Dashboards for Excel a performance-against-context type chart. It basically says: We have what we did against some context (in this case, a target). Take a look below. In this episode, […]

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49: How to land a data-driven role (even with a creative or nontraditional background)

IntroductionThis week, we take a departure from our normal Excel tips and focus on a more applied skill: getting a job with your Excel skills (and related data work). Most of us aren’t just Excel-ers, we’re much more: data visualizers, process improvers, etc. What we do with Excel we also apply to other code — […]

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48: Dashboard Demo: Building your first Power BI Report

  Introduction & Updates  At Excel.TV, we’re trying something different. We want our videos to be more than just Excel tips. Instead, we want to help you excel your skills, your business and career.    That means, we’re going to focus on content that helps you do just that. So watch out, we’re going to start featuring content around:  Landing that perfect job! Today’s analysts sometimes […]

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47: Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com

Excel.TV is back, baby! Stop by here at 8:00pm Eastern on Wednesday January 23rd for a LIVE episode with Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com. Excel.TV alumnus Oz will also be joining us for an awesome show! If you missed the glory days of Excel.TV, well, now’s your chance to join us for the fun. Be sure […]

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46: Like A Phoenix – We’re Back

It has been almost 2 & 1/2 years since our last show.  After some turmoil and growth, we are back for Season 4. What are you gonna find in this episode? Well, Rick and I (this is Jordan typing 🙂 ) discuss changes in our lives and changes in Excel. A lot has been going […]

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