Welcome to Season 01 of Excel TV - Excel TV Courses

Welcome to Season 01 of Excel TV

We started in March 2014 and ended our first season in December of the same year. To be honest, the hosts have a difficult time watching any of the first few episodes. It’s cringe-worthy, as we didn’t know what we were doing.

Fortunately, Excel MVP’s, Authors and Bloggers joined us on the show anyways and added a ton of great content. Scroll through the thumbnails below and you will find Chandoo, Mr Excel, Mynda Treacy, the founders of the Financial Modeling World Championships and many other high-octane guests.


20: ModelOff 2014 – Financial Modeling World Championship
Top Financial Modelers in the WORLD Once a year, financial modelers around the world fight for the crown.  Here is[...]
19: Jordan Goldmeier, MVP and Author
This episode is important! Jordan presents himself as a Contrarian, but I disagree. What Jordan brings is so much more[...]
18: MVP Summit 2014
What a Great Time! In case you missed it, the Excel.TV team made a guest appearance at the Microsoft Most[...]
17: Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net
Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net Dave Bruns and his wife Lisa run the website ExcelJet.net.  A site that was designed to[...]
16: Cary Walkin
Excel, Games, Creativity and Marketing Cary Walkin is developer of the role-playing game Arena.xlsm. It's built completely in Excel and regularly shows up[...]
15: Bill Jelen, Mr. Excel (ft. Zack Barresse)
Excel Cage Match After the kerfuffle Jordan and Bill got into over using Option Explicit (hint, hint: Bill is wrong),[...]
14: Jon Acampora, Excel MVP
Ring the Bell... School's in Introducing ExcelCampus.com's fearless leader Jon Acampora. Jon is a surfer/analyst from sunny southern California.  He is[...]
13: Ken Puls, Excel MVP
In this episode, we interview the esteemed Ken Puls. Ken hails from Canada (the land of maple syrup and back[...]
12: Oz d Du Soleil, Your Data Gaucho
The Most Interesting Spreadsheet Developer in the World This week we're proud to interview one of own, Mr. Oz D[...]
11: Zack Barresse, Excel MVP
Table Master Extraordinaire For episode 11 we were joined by Excel MVP and Table aficionado, Zack Barresse. Zack used to[...]
10: Jon Peltier, Chartmaster and Excel MVP
The Chart Master Himself In episode 10, we welcome the Chartmaster, Jon Peltier. If you've ever Googled anything on Excel[...]
09: The Founders of Excel Modeloff
ModelOFF: The Largest Excel Modeling Competition in the World   This is our ninth episode of Excel TV and we[...]
08: Szilvia Juhasz Returns!
  The Wild Episode Jordan was on vacation and Excel TV gladly invited Excel High Priestess, Szilvia Juhasz to join us.[...]
07: ExcelIsFun Channel with Mike Girvin
Mike Girvin is known as ExcelIsFun over at his  YouTube ExcelIsFun channel where you can find: 1100+ Excel Magic Tricks 161+[...]
06: Keidra Chaney Talks Data & Digital Analytics
To date, after 11 episodes, Keidra is the only one who wasn't from inside the Excel world. So, why invite her[...]
05: Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen
This episode, it was a great honor to have Mr Excel, Bill Jelen himself. We talked Excel, data, the beginnings[...]
04: Chandoo Visits Excel TV
Purna "Chandoo" Duggirila Chandoo is the CEO, Chief Excel Officer, of Chandoo.org where they try to make people AWESOME in Excel.[...]
03: Mynda Treacy, MyOnlineTrainingHub
Mynda the Excel Dashboard Training Queen Straight from a Land Down Under.  Mynda Treacy of MyOnlineTrainingHub.com sets out this episode[...]
02: Microsoft MVP Coordinator Kari Finn
Straight out of Redmond For Episode #02 Kari Finn joins us from Microsoft Office headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  Kari maintains[...]
01: Excel High Priestess Szilvia Juhasz
This is where it all started Friend of the program Szilvia Juhasz agreed to be our first guest and attempt[...]