We started in March 2014 and ended our first season in December of the same year. To be honest, the hosts have a difficult time watching any of the first few episodes. It’s cringe-worthy, as we didn’t know what we were doing.

Fortunately, Excel MVP’s, Authors and Bloggers joined us on the show anyways and added a ton of great content. Scroll through the thumbnails below and you will find Chandoo, Mr Excel, Mynda Treacy, the founders of the Financial Modeling World Championships and many other high-octane guests.


20: ModelOff 2014 – Financial Modeling World Championship
Top Financial Modelers in the WORLDOnce a year, financial modelers around the world fight for the crown.  Here is the[...]
19: Jordan Goldmeier, MVP and Author
This episode is important! Jordan presents himself as a Contrarian, but I disagree. What Jordan brings is so much more[...]
18: MVP Summit 2014
What a Great Time! In case you missed it, the Excel.TV team made a guest appearance at the Microsoft Most[...]
17: Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net
Dave Bruns of ExcelJet.net Dave Bruns and his wife Lisa run the website ExcelJet.net.  A site that was designed to[...]
16: Cary Walkin
Excel, Games, Creativity and Marketing Cary Walkin is developer of the role-playing game Arena.xlsm. It's built completely in Excel and regularly shows up[...]
15: Bill Jelen, Mr. Excel (ft. Zack Barresse)
Excel Cage Match After the kerfuffle Jordan and Bill got into over using Option Explicit (hint, hint: Bill is wrong),[...]
14: Jon Acampora, Excel MVP
Ring the Bell... School's in Introducing ExcelCampus.com's fearless leader Jon Acampora. Jon is a surfer/analyst from sunny southern California.  He is[...]
13: Ken Puls, Excel MVP
In this episode, we interview the esteemed Ken Puls. Ken hails from Canada (the land of maple syrup and back[...]
12: Oz d Du Soleil, Your Data Gaucho
The Most Interesting Spreadsheet Developer in the World This week we're proud to interview one of own, Mr. Oz D[...]
11: Zack Barresse, Excel MVP
Table Master ExtraordinaireFor episode 11 we were joined by Excel MVP and Table aficionado, Zack Barresse. Zack used to be[...]
10: Jon Peltier, Chartmaster and Excel MVP
The Chart Master Himself In episode 10, we welcome the Chartmaster, Jon Peltier. If you've ever Googled anything on Excel[...]
09: The Founders of Excel Modeloff
ModelOFF: The Largest Excel Modeling Competition in the World This is our ninth episode of Excel TV and we were[...]
08: Szilvia Juhasz Returns!
The Wild Episode Jordan was on vacation and Excel TV gladly invited Excel High Priestess, Szilvia Juhasz to join us. She[...]
07: ExcelIsFun Channel with Mike Girvin
Mike Girvin is known as ExcelIsFun over at his  YouTube ExcelIsFun channel where you can find: 1100+ Excel Magic Tricks 161+[...]
06: Keidra Chaney Talks Data & Digital Analytics
To date, after 11 episodes, Keidra is the only one who wasn't from inside the Excel world. So, why invite her[...]
05: Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen
This episode, it was a great honor to have Mr Excel, Bill Jelen himself. We talked Excel, data, the beginnings[...]
04: Chandoo Visits Excel TV
Purna "Chandoo" Duggirila Chandoo is the CEO, Chief Excel Officer, of Chandoo.org where they try to make people AWESOME in Excel.[...]
03: Mynda Treacy, MyOnlineTrainingHub
Mynda the Excel Dashboard Training Queen Straight from a Land Down Under.  Mynda Treacy of MyOnlineTrainingHub.com sets out this episode[...]
02: Microsoft MVP Coordinator Kari Finn
Straight out of Redmond For Episode #02 Kari Finn joins us from Microsoft Office headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  Kari maintains[...]
01: Excel High Priestess Szilvia Juhasz
This is where it all started Friend of the program Szilvia Juhasz agreed to be our first guest and attempt[...]