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Season 02 of Excel TV

    39: Power Query Book Author Ken Puls
    Excel MVP, Blogger and Author Ken Puls Ken originally appeared on Excel TV during Season 1 where we discussed training methods[...]
    38: Mynda Treacy – Online Excel Trainer
    Mynda Treacy runs one of the more successful online Excel Training programs on the internet at http://myonlinetraininghub.com Courses range from[...]
    37: Oz du Soleil – Excel Author, Blogger and Consultant
    Excel TV alumnus Oz du Soleil joins us to discuss: His new book on Data Management His experience with using[...]
    36: Johann Odou – ModelOFF – Financial Modeling World Championship
    Johann Odou, the CEO of Professional Services Championship League (PSCL), the group that runs ModelOFF (Financial Modeling World Championship) joins[...]
    35: Michael Alexander – DataPig Technologies – Power BI Bootcamp
    Michael Alexander of DataPig Technologies and the BaconBits Blog joins us on Tuesday Sept 15th at 9:05pm Eastern. We will[...]
    34: Jon Acampora – ExcelCampus.com – VBA Pro Course
    Excel MVP Jon Acampora of Excel Campus.com joins us to discuss his new VBA Pro Course. The show aired 9:05pm[...]
    33: Chris Newman aka Chris Macro – TheSpreadsheetGuru.com
    Welcome to The Spreadsheet Guru Chris Newman aka Chris Macro aka TheSpreadhseetGuru joins us to discuss the creation of his[...]
    32: Bill Jelen’s 40 Greatest Tips Of All Time Book
    Bill Shows Up Like A Rockstar Complete with posters in the background highlighting his latest tour.  Well, perhaps that isnt[...]
    31: Dick Moffat’s Spreadsheet Blog
    Dick Moffat runs the aptly named Dick Moffat's Spreadsheet Blog.  He started the blog at the urging of his friend[...]
    30: BI Thought Leader Mico Yuk
    Author, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker... It's easy to ramble off adjectives when introducing Mico. In her young career, she has accomplished[...]
    29: Excel Inspired Cocktail Book w/ Xszil
    Fan favorite Szilvia Juhasz joins us to discuss her book that will be released as a subset of Bill Jelen's[...]
    28: Dan Fylstra – CEO Frontline Systems – VisiCalc Distributor
    Dan Fylstra was there when it all started.  In charge of "Personal Software" - the distributor for VisiCalc, the first[...]
    27: PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015 – LIVE Stream
    That was fun The entire Excel TV cast was present at the 2015 PASS Business Analytics Conference.  We were each[...]
    26: Excel.TV Roaming Reporter Carl Pepperseed
    Don't let the folksy demeanor fool you. From his straw hat to his "Gone With the Wind" mustache. From the[...]
    25: SQL Server MVP & PASS BA Conference Member of the Board Denise McInerney
    All About PASS BA Conference SQL Server MVP and PASS Member of the Board joined us to talk about the[...]
    24: Excel MVP and Author Kevin Jones – Excel Expert Interviews
    Mr Kevin Jones, Data Automation Guru OK.  Kevin's a bit more modest than I am.  Term like guru and "Hey[...]
    23: Kevin Lehrbass of mySpreadsheetLab.com
    Our new friend Kevin Lehrbass, the host at mySpreadsheetLab.com joins us from Toronto, Canada. Kevin is the Team Leader of[...]
    22: Zach Barresse and Szilvia Juhasz
    Le Chat Parti, Les Souris Dansent When the cat's away, the mice will play. On this episode of Excel.TV the[...]
    21: Nick Green of EchoXL.com
    Nick Green of ExchoXL.com Joins us all the way from Columbia.  He got introduced when he fell into the Supply[...]