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How to: Power Query File From Folder
Get file from FolderGet File From Folder is what Microsoft has named the functionality that let's you take multiple files[...]
Oz’s Excel Tip: Keep a Workbook for Random Data in Excel
IntroductionWelcome back to another episode of Excel.TV where Oz du Soleil shares his Excel tip. Here it is: always have[...]
Visual Analytics in Microsoft Excel Webinar: Raw and Uncut
Get the Download Files Click here to download the files used in this webinar What Happened?  Last week, I recorded[...]
How to create a relative file path in Power Query
What do you think of the video thumbnail? I was trying to go for Excel Vaporwave. In this blog post,[...]
Make Your Excel Spreadsheet into a Bitmap Image With This Excel Magic Trick
Turn any image into an Excel file? Ever think about turning your face or that picture of your neighbor's dog[...]
Excel Data Visualization: Presidential Approval Ratings with Slicers & Power Query – Chart Tricks
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you'll love the chart I've created, which you can adapt and[...]