47: Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com

Excel.TV is back, baby!

Stop by here at 8:00pm Eastern on Wednesday January 23rd for a LIVE episode with Alex Powers of ItsNotAboutTheCell.com. Excel.TV alumnus Oz will also be joining us for an awesome show!

If you missed the glory days of Excel.TV, well, now's your chance to join us for the fun. Be sure to watch and leave comments across all of our platforms. We'll be keeping an eye on them during show. 

If the show doesn't automatically start for you, hit that refresh button in your browser. 

Sit back, save those files and crack open a cold one, because Excel.TV is coming at ya!

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August 5, 2014

14: Jon Acampora, Excel MVP
    • Yes. ALL OF THEM. I tell everyone – “I would rather have them than not have them.” and that “No one will think the certifications are important – until we the community make them important.”

  • I knew there was something missing in my life. Glad you guys are back! Thank you for so graciously sharing your knowledge. Jordan, you have done quite a makeover since I have seen you last. wow!

  • Great to see the show is back on!!! With all of the marketing and investments from Microsoft going to the power apps, it would be great to have a show devoted to discussing the current role of automation with VBA in organizations. Perhaps interviewing someone who does that for a living in the US or elsewhere in the world. I personally have carved out a niche in my career where as a VBA guy. Thanks.

    • VBA continues to run the world. Don’t listen to what anyone (especially myself) may tell you in that you can’t carve a nice living with it. But it does have a finite shelf-life – and that’s an honest fact.

      I think Microsoft will continue to integrate other languages into the program (similar to their JavaScript integration) – Python or R are two that come to mind immediately that way they can continue to invite in people from all mediums to perform analysis or automation using their programs.

      But as someone who sees the push towards self-service – BI, Automation, Analytics – I would say upskill as much as possible. I don’t need you to be the expert – but I do want you to know that it’s possible.

      The shift I’m seeing at Microsoft is that they are making things more accessible to everyone – that doesn’t always mean more productive as governance and people using the tools correctly is a continued educational journey that companies must be willing to invest in for their employees.

      • Thanks for the insights, Alex. As much as it sucks to hear that VBA has a finite shelf-life, we can’t ignore the reality and stay blind to the push towards self-service BI and tools available. As there’s a big risk to find oneself an expert on skills not marketable anymore.

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