During our episodes here at Excel TV, we have the benefit of chatting with Excel Dashboard book authors, Dashboard Trainers and Bloggers. During those interviews, we often capture dashboard advice, charting tips, and shortcuts that would benefit most Excel Dashboard developers. We have captured all of these and brought them to you in the Resource List below.

Recent Dashboard Articles

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Popular Excel Dashboard Articles

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Dashboard Tips & Tricks

Several tips from Excel MVPs, authors, trainers and bloggers. These video tutorials are captured LIVE as they share their advice on the show. Use these advanced tips to add a bit of flair to your next spreadsheet masterpiece.

Dashboard Design Concepts

Much of the advice you will find below should be considered CORE Dashboard concepts that are tool agnostic. They mostly apply to dashboard design and aren’t necessarily Microsoft Excel specific.

Excel Expert Interviews & Dashboard Critiques

Whenever we have an esteemed Dashboard guru on the show, we like to have a little fun with them and pick their brains on how they would fix these UGLY dashboards. The segment is called “Dashboard Rescue”. We chat with dashboard book authors and trainers that are well known for their contributions to the online dashboard community.

Books We Love

Data Analysts want to help the business in any way possible. Below, we outline some of the best books. The books range from providing easy reports, to complex analysis. Most of the authors have also been guests on our monthly show. So check them out.

  • Advanced Excel Essentials – Jordan Goldmeier – Contains Jordan’s thoughts on spreadsheet design
  • Excel Dashboards for Dummies – Michael Alexander. – Michael has been on the show (Excel TV Season 02) and is highlighted in the Dashboard Rescue and Dashboard Tips sections above. A witty guy that is worth reading.
  • Excel Dashboards & Reports – Michael Alexander. Michael teamed up with long-time Excel book writer John Walkenback for this classic.
  • Information Dashboard Design – Stephen Few. A dashboard list isn’t complete without Stephen Few. Although it is not an Excel book, Stephen outlines things that must be considered to create an effective dashboard design. Stephen is often quoted or referred to on the show.