June 7

Number of Worksheet Functions in Excel 2013 – 009 VBAExpress Forums Challenge

Hello every one. Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier is here with VBA Express Weekly Challenge. Looks like you all will like this week’s Excel challenge a bit more when compared to previous ones. But, before that let us look at the previous week’s Excel challenge, it’s answer and the winner.

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week’s challenge was “What is the maximum zoom percent that will show range names on a spreadsheet?”

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

Thanks a lot for the huge response for this challenge. So, the correct answer is 39% and the winner is Aditya Srinivaasan. Congratulations! You will earn a prize from Excel TV.

Number of Worksheet Functions in Excel 2013?

This week’s Excel challenge is special as it comes to us from Rahim Zulfiqar Ali who runs excelbasement.org. His question is “How many worksheet functions are there in Excel 2013?” So, here Jordan is expecting the count of worksheet functions available in Excel 2013. There might be a difference of +5 or -5 and you will be eligible to be a winner. So, hurry up and earn surprising gifts from Excel TV.

Hurry Up To Answer

Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Excel TV Challenges forum at VBAExpress.com or Facebook (facebook.com/ExcelTVSeries) or comment on the video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or mail at [email protected]. Come On!



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