42: Brad Edgar – Excel Dashboard Expert at BradEdgar.com

Brad Edgar joined us on Tuesday March 15 at 9:05pm Eastern.  Brad runs the Excel Dashboard website Brad Edgar.com

How Brad Got Started

Brad’s experience with Excel dashboards started out from the more technical end as he started his career implementing ERP systems and developing short database queries to gather, collect and update data for his clients. He became heavily interested in Excel when he started to see the effectiveness of pivot tables and then originally the ability to merge information in Excel from multiple data sources using formulas like Vlookup and Index match.

In Brad’s Words…

This became a whole new ball game for me because this opened up a flexible solution to being able to create stories and dashboards with answers to some of the more difficult business questions. I love the fact that you can make your data actionable by just understanding what questions and problems need solutions. Now I’m starting to get my hands into Power Query which is allowing me to truly expand and automate data sources to the solutions that I
create and it’s powerful. I think the future of dashboards is going to transform into a focus of building and making data more actionable for the major companies and of course the small guys. Companies need to know where to focus their attention and I think that’s where I’m headed with Excel!

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