43: George Mount – Economics & Business Analytics Blogger

George Mount joined us Tuesday April 19, 2016.  George runs the Economics & Business Analytics website GeorgeJMount.com

George’s blog at georgejmount.com is a resource for analysts wanting to advance through Microsoft Excel and business analytics. The site logs everything he’s learned after years of experience to help those beginning to use data for business analysis, specifically in Microsoft Excel.

Whitepaper for Excel TV Viewers

George has a forthcoming class on how to best get hired with Excel.  As a prelude, George has made a whitepaper available for immediate download to Excel TV Viewers.

Get the WhitePaper

And His Course Is Now Live

During the interview, George mentioned is course “Getting Hired With Excel.  Well… that course is now LIVE.  Click the link below to see the details.

Get George’s Course

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    To download the white paper we discussed on the show, head over to georgejmount.com/exceltv. Subscribe while you’re there! Also find me on Twitter and Instagram @gjmount. Thanks everyone!

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