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01: Data Perspectives From An Unwitting Analyst

Paige Takes Us Into Her World Paige Worthy is based in Chicago and is a Client Services Director for a content strategy company that focuses on landscaping companies and green-industry businesses, helping them create content that helps them grow their business and generate qualified leads. Biggest Data Struggle: The data quantifying the effectiveness of the […]

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Introduction – Excel In The Wild

It’s time! Excel in the Wild has started. We’re taking conversations about Excel and data out into the wild! We’re going to have conversations that go beyond experts. Excel in the Wild will go beyond business uses of Excel and explore clever, non-traditional uses of Excel. Via a live Blab sessions, we’ve had 2 fun […]

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Oz’s Memories from PASS BAC 2015

Before the memories of the PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015 completely fade away, I want to thank the people who made the conference happen. Lots of great folks worked behind the scenes to make the Conference work: Leeza Zelmer, Teresa Cheung, Denise McInerney, Jen Underwood and Jen Stirrup. It was a pleasure to meet fellow […]

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Power Query – Splitting Names From Suffixes

Splitting Names From Suffixes Data cleansing and prep can come to you in any manner and that’s why I often compare it to bull-riding: you’ve got to get on and deal with whatever happens. In this video, we need to split the names apart from suffixes like: III, DDS, EdD, etc. This happens when you need […]

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22: Zach Barresse and Szilvia Juhasz

Le Chat Parti, Les Souris Dansent When the cat’s away, the mice will play. On this episode of Excel.TV the regular host, Rick Grantham wasn’t able to be part of the episode. So, Jordan and I brought in Szilvia (XSzil), and the authors of Excel Tables: A Complete Guide, Zack Barresse, and Kevin Jones. Jordan kicked […]

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ModelOff 2014, The Finalists, The Real World

ModelOff 2014 came to a close on the evening of Sunday 7DEC, and Diarmuid Early was named champion. Much congrats to Diarmuid and the other winners 2nd – Alvin Woon 3rd – Michael Clarke 3rd – Peter Suen Congrats to the rest of the finalists for being in the top 16 of nearly 4000 entrants. Anup […]

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Up Late, Preparing for ModelOff 2014

It’s 12:14am and I’m up preparing for the 2014 ModelOff that’s happening this weekend in New York City. I stopped to look at the profiles of the 16 competitors and there are some common themes. First, many are from the Australia-New Zealand region. When I think of that part of the globe I don’t think Excel […]

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Jordan Goldmeier, Excel TV Episode

19: Jordan Goldmeier, MVP and Author

This episode is important! Jordan presents himself as a Contrarian, but I disagree. What Jordan brings is so much more important than being Contrarian. ‘Contrarian’ can be taken as contrary for the sake of being contrary. Over and over, Jordan says, “You don’t have to agree with me, but …” So, really, Jordan is offering […]

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What is Big Data?

On episode #15 we briefly discussed “Big Data. Is it real or a buzzword?” Zack and Bill tied Big Data’s definition to volume. Jordan also mentioned volume of data, and started to say something about technology. My position was (and remains), “I have no idea. I’ll deal with whatever my clients hand me.” (Scroll to […]

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16: Cary Walkin

Excel, Games, Creativity and Marketing Cary Walkin is developer of the role-playing game Arena.xlsm. It’s built completely in Excel and regularly shows up as an example of extreme uses of a tool that’s known for number-crunching. This episode is a brilliant opportunity to hear about the experience of developing something out of curiosity, having it take on a […]

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08: Szilvia Juhasz Returns!

  The Wild Episode Jordan was on vacation and Excel TV gladly invited Excel High Priestess, Szilvia Juhasz to join us. She was Excel TV’s very first guest, way back in Episode 1 where we discussed modern Excel and having a passion for Excel. You’ll have to trust me and check out the episode. It was a […]

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07: ExcelIsFun Channel with Mike Girvin

Mike Girvin is known as ExcelIsFun over at his  YouTube ExcelIsFun channel where you can find: 1100+ Excel Magic Tricks 161+ Dueling Excel Videos 2200+ Excel videos including 3 videos by his son Isaac Mike is author of Slaying Excel Dragons (co-authored with Bill Jelen) and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. He’s an instructor at Highline Community College near Seattle, WA and […]

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06: Keidra Chaney Talks Data & Digital Analytics

To date, after 11 episodes, Keidra is the only one who wasn’t from inside the Excel world. So, why invite her to be a guest on Excel TV? Keidra’s professional roles require good solid data. Her clients hire her for web analytics, and she teaches a Northwestern class to developers who need to understand analytics to […]

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05: Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen

This episode, it was a great honor to have Mr Excel, Bill Jelen himself. We talked Excel, data, the beginnings of the Mr Excel brand, and disagreements with co-host Jordan Goldmeier about the use of option explicit in VBA coding. One of my favorite highlights is  at 4:30 of the Excel Expert Interview segment: Mr […]

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