June 19

05: Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen


05: Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen

This episode, it was a great honor to have Mr Excel, Bill Jelen himself. We talked Excel, data, the beginnings of the Mr Excel brand, and disagreements with co-host Jordan Goldmeier about the use of option explicit in VBA coding.

One of my favorite highlights is  at 4:30 of the Excel Expert Interview segment: Mr Excel’s confession that he hates rejection and published his own book. It’s a beautiful lesson in creating one’s own opportunities

At 18:05 Mr Excel suggests that we get capes and ride up to random office buildings, find an Excel user and guarantee that we can save them at least 2 hours/day. Named: The Data Cleansers, in a Ghostbusters-style van, making life easier for folks who sling data.

24:35 Jordan questions Mr Excel about “hating on option explicit.” Jordan says option explicit forces more disciplined coding. Mr Excel goes back to the initial reason for option explicit which is now obsolete. There’s no right answer, but there’s a suggestion that Mr Excel and Jordan settle it in a cage match.

And the segment closes (31:40) with the question:

Who’d Play You In An Excel Movie?

The episode was a lot of fun, and hopefully we can have Mr Excel come back soon to share more tips, experiences and humor with the Excel community.

How to find Bill Jelen:

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  • As an Excel consultant I’m interested to know how much people makes from books, videos, training.
    You should ask more upfront questions regarding revenue : Take example on Andrew Warner from Mixergy 😉

    To be more precise I was wondering if Bill Jelen make much money on ads revenue from his Youtube channel.

    a question worth asking him next time 😉

  • Demrek, I’m curious to know the motivation behind that inquiry. Is it a question of “can you make real money via YouTube”? If that’s the question, that can make for a good discussion in general.

    If you’re trying to calculate Bill’s net worth, that’s a whole different conversation.

    • “He’s a little funny, not that good looking, it would be a perfect fit”
      Bill Jelen on Dan Akroyd.
      That was hysterical…

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