Command + T To Cycle Through Excel Cell References On A Mac

As frequent Excel users, we know the importance of absolute and relative references. On Windows operating system, one can use the F4 key to turn cycle through absolute and relative references, and everything in between. But there are a lot of users who use Excel on MAC and are clueless about how to access the same functionality.

No need to worry! Jordan Goldmeier (aka JLOOKUP) is here solve this mystery for us.

Let’s go for it!

Excel Shortcut on a MAC

The answer is simple!


Yes, that’s it. It can be used exactly as F4 is used in Windows. While typing the formula and right after selecting a reference, pressing COMMAND+T multiple times will make Excel cycle through absolute to relative reference and back on that selection. Also, while editing an already typed formula, one can just select or place cursor over a reference and press COMMAND+T to achieve the same result.


What’s next?

If you’re a MAC user, you need to remember this. It’s a long-awaited answer to our prayers. So, keep practicing it till it becomes muscle memory.

And do not forget to share this with your friends or colleagues who face similar frustration.


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