Excel News – Spreadsheet1, Kevin Lehrbass and Excel Books – Week ending 2015-01-30

Excel.TV News & Articles

  • We released our new website.  What do you think?  We are currently in the process of loading our previous 170+ videos to the site.  They will be categorized, etc so they will be easy to find.  This will take some time.
  • Episode 22 with Zack Barresse, Kevin Jones and Szilvia Juhasz – Was a wild episode.  Check it out.
  • Our LinkedIN group is approaching 200 Members.  Join the group.

Others News and Posts in the Excel Community

  • Our friends over at Spreadsheet1 have an IndieGoGo Campaign Unviewable VBA Project for Excel.  They are at 70% of their goal.  Check it out and donate.
  • Szilvia Juhasz is releasing an Excel Drinking Book.  More details to follow
  • Excel MVPs Zack Barresse and Kevin Jones are starting their new company Data Automation Pros.  More details to follow


Kevin Lehrbass released a cool video

Excel Conferences & Competitions

  • PASS Business Analytics Conference April 21-22, 2015 with lots of Excel Speakers
  • Excel Amsterdam Summit April 13-14, 2015.  Check it out here
  • ModelOFF 2015 will be in London, UK in December 2015

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