Fall 2015 Fashion Collection for Financial Modelers

Just In Time for Excel Black Friday Shopping Frenzy!!!

Join Excel TV host Rick Grantham and cohosts Excel Author Szilvia Juhasz and and Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier — featuring ModelOff Cofounder Johann Odou – in presenting Excel TV’s first ever Excel TV ModelOff branded Fall 2015 Fashion Collection!excel tv fall collection

For your most discriminating fashionistas, try these selections!


TRY MODELOFF!  and you’ll never be a loan again!


Dating BANKERS gives me withdrawal symptoms!

Note: There is obviously a heavy ladies bias here, but all shirts can be ordered for you interested men.


MODELOFF – not just accrual joke


MODELOFF because BANKERS do it with interest.

Now you too can commemorate the unforgettable Excel TV event!

modeloff tshirt


I SURVIVED the 2015 #ExcelTV Blackout

Finally, Szilvia gives special shout out credit to Twitter follower John Walkenbach (@John_Walkenbach) for inspiration.

All joking aside, if you would like to wear these ‘Excel geeks meet Finance geeks’ fashions instead of just laughing at them, ModelOff Cofounder Johann Odou announces MODELOFF t-shirts, as modeled by host Rick Grantham’s “I use Excel Recreationally” selection, will be available soon.


What’s Next?

Have A Spreadsheet Related T-shirt Idea?  Leave it in the comments section below.

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