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100+ Best Excel Resources And Websites

I went to ALL the Excel Discussion Groups on the internet and asked all the Excel Gurus, MVPs etc one question…

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<you’re thinking of a drumroll aren’t you? :)>

What are the Best Excel Resources on the Web?

Well, as of this writing there are 86 comments. And you will see that a number of those comments are by Excel MVP’s and site owners… providing their own ideas on who should be included in this guide.

If you scroll down to the Training Section, you will see a list of tutorials as well as paid training that can help you get up to speed on most areas of Excel, from the beginner, to the VBA programmer.  Regardless of the version of Excel you are using, there is a resource for you.

The BLOGS Section is PACKED with Excel MVPs and gurus. These BLOGS contain hints and advice for anyone that uses a spreadsheet. And if you are looking for tips in a more structured format, there is an entire section dedicated to Tips and Articles.

Ohh… And don’t forget the Youtube Channels and the LinkedIN Groups 🙂

There’s a TON here in this list. And a DOUBLE-TON in the comments section. So look around at our resources. Excel is KING here.

And if you have some ideas that you think we may have missed, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Entertainment & Competitions

  • Excel.TV – 20 Episodes a Year. This TV program is taped LIVE. Guests include Excel experts, Trainers and website owners. The show includes Excel Tips & News. Excel gurus discuss their systems and processes for Excel training and consulting.  View any show for free.
  • Excel SUMO – Spreadsheet competitions as a service.  Go head to head in combat for fame and prizes
  • Financial Modeling World Championship – Excel financial modelers compete against the best in the WORLD.


  • Mr Excel – Start here.  No list is complete without this guy. One of the biggest Excel sites on the web and author of many Excel books.
  • Contextures – Debra Dalgleish is your host. Site is known many things including a very robust tutorial on drop down menus.
  • Excel Guru – Ken Puls does a great job at this popular site. Forum, knowledge base, etc. Plus a Pivot Table Course.
  • Chandoo – The pointy-haired Dilbert. Great site for Excel training, Excel Dashboards, and Project Management Templates


  • Magic of Pivot Tables – Excel Guru – At one time, I lost out in a “competition” that Ken was having where the prize was a copy of this training. Yep… I lost. Ken felt bad for me and gave me a copy anyways. LOVED IT. This is a one hour video course that comes with sample files, an e-book and an immediate download. This link takes you to an Excel 2010 Class.. but he also has them for 2007 and 2003. Check it out.
  • ExcelHero – Daniel Ferry’s site. From dashboards… to VBA.  For the Excel professional.
  • Chandoo’s Training – Classes from Excel School, to VBA, to Dashboards.  Great training system.
  • myOnlineTraininghub – an extensive excel blog and is packed with training materials for Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  • Excel Courses Online – covers Excel from beginners to advanced level with email support as you work yourself through the course.
  • MyExcelOnline – Known for the Pivot Table courses.  Training catalogue is expanding.

Excel Help Forums

  • Excel Forum – This is a large forum site. If you type “Excel Help” into your web search engine, this site will show up.
  • Ozgrid.com – This is a very robust forum with links to lots of templates. Also allows you to post excel tasks and services for programmers to bid on.
  • Mr Excel Message Board – I am typing this on a Sunday and there are 1,000 people on his forum. Its big 🙂
  • Excel Guru FORUM – Ken asks… Why go anywhere else? Come learn from the GURUs
  • Excel & Charting FORUM – by Chandoo
  • VBAExpress – Dedicated to all the VBA Nerds – my people 🙂

Discussion Groups


  • CPearson– Ready to be impressed? then overwhelmed? and then impressed again? Sure… why not? Then head on over to Chip Pearson’s site and click the menu button titled “Topic Index”. When it comes to VBA… the site has a TON to offer.
  • Beyond Excel – In the words of primary contributor Craig Hatmaker, “Beyond Excel is a free “cookbook approach” to extending Excel with VBA. Practical solutions are offered instead of abstract theory.” I could spend day after day on this site. Even the resources page is a gold mine. Bookmark this page.
  • Andy Pope – VBA Coding techniques, solutions and examples
  • Option Explicit VBA – A blog of Excel, Dashboards, Visual Basic for Applications, Data Analysis, Operations Research, and Visualizations.
  • VBA Express – VBA Forum, Knowledge Base, Articles… All VBA All the Time
  • Erlandsen Data Consulting – Tips about Excel and VBA programming
  • GlobalIConnect – Popular for FREE VBA Tutorials.
  • VBA4Play – Cary Walkin Blog with Guest Posts by Jordan Goldmeier of OptionExplicitVBA.com. This is a Enormously Detailed and Cool tutorial on VBA. This is a MUST See. Video Games in Excel. Check it out.
    • UPDATE: I did a video review of Cary Walkin’s video game that was built entirely in an Excel Spreadsheet. Here is the Review
  • Excel Macro Mastery – Blogger Paul Kelly touts this site as The Missing VBA Handbook.  Less of a blog and more of a guide to VBA.
  • Analyst Cave – Includes VBA Tutorial and Cheat Sheets
  • Spreadsheet Creative – Blogger Mitch Rixon is passionate about developing excel spreadsheets and add-ins to make the mundane a bit of fun, creative and intuitive.
  • wellsr.com– Learn how to master Excel VBA like a nuclear engineer with Ryan Wells. Ryan creates VBA tutorials for all skill levels at his VBA Tutorials Blog to help you learn macros like a pro.


  • PowerPivotPro – Rob Collie was one of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot at Microsoft during his 14 year career in Redmond. He offers classes to get you up to speed on PowerPivot. This site is the center of the PowerPivot Universe (outside of Redmond, or course)
  • Chris Webb’s BI Blog – Author Chris Webb runs the site.  Heavy in Power BI
  • SQLBI – These guys – Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari (awesome name 🙂 ) – write the books you read. Several books and online PowerPivot classes.
  • The Great PowerPivot FAQ – Loaded with content from all the thought leaders on PowerPivot. Bookmark this page.
  • Javier Guillen – PowerPivot and SSAS Blog
  • Dick Moffat’s Spreadsheet BLOG – Recommended by Winston Snyder. PowerPivot, BI, etc. This BLOG hits on a lot of topics that I like.


  • Excel TV – This is a Google Hangout Series that I host along with Jordan Goldmeier and Oz du Soleil. Complete with Interview, Excel Challenges and News
  • ExcelIsFun – Over 2,000 videos on Excel. Mike Girvin is the host and he does a great job
  • Bill Jelen – 2 minute video tip about excel every weekday
  • Contextures – Over 6,000 subscribers. Lots of tutorials.
  • ExcelVBAIsFun – One of the more common questions I hear in Discussion Groups is “Where can I learn VBA for FREE” … ANSWER… errr.. here! at ExcelVBAIsFun Youtube Channel


  • Excel Translator – Mourad Louha has put together a handy site for all those doing international work. Type in your function, along with your source and target language and have the formula translated. Handy tool.
  • Peltier Tech – Jon Peltier has some great tips and Excel Utilities. I have used his “Magic Quadrant” tips several times in my own consulting.
  • Spreadsheet Page – John Walkenback’s site. Mostly known as an author. I recently purchased his VBA book. Very good. But he also has several utilities that you can purchase on his site.
  • Name Manager by JKP – Range Names made easy. Utility to manage defined names in workbooks
  • Data Pig Dashboard Add-in and Data Pig Excel Explosion – Slick Add-in from the PIG.
  • Add-In Express – Development tools to create various extensions for Excel and other Office applications.
  • Ablebits.com
  • SpreadsheetGuys – Several Products & Templates
  • ASAP Utilities for Excel – PC Magazine called ASAP Utilities “the one essential add-in for all Excel users” in its 2005 Ultimate Utility Guide and rated ASAP Utilities 5 stars: their maximum rating. Kees Jacobs (in the comment section) notes that it is Free for Home & Students


The BLOG list is getting pretty long at this point.  In the future I may further segment it.

  • Daily Dose of Excel – A great place to get regular updates and tips.  Application to real everyday problems.
  • RAD Excel – MVP Colin Legg’s site. Updated regularly. Focus on VBA.
  • Bacon Bits – Mike Alexander’s site. This blog supports the Data Pig Technologies site (see utilities section above). This is actually a good read. Entertaining. More than just software.  In today’s post, he has a cartoon from the Oatmeal. I laughed and almost posted it on FB. 🙂
  • Mr Excel Blog – Where Mr Excel keeps his podcasts and commentary.
  • Debra’s Contextures Blog – Regularly updated tips and tricks.
  • Ken’s Excel Guru BLOG – Hey… He even mentioned me one time. So it’s gotta be a good read 🙂
  • Excel Blog – myOnlineTrainingHub – Philip and Mynda Treacy add content to this Excel BLOG at least weekly
  • Chandoo’s Blog – Chandoo adds to this BLOG several times a week.
  • SmittyPro – Excel MVPs Chris (Smitty) Smith & Zack Barresse have put up some helpful posts on Forms, Data Validation, VBA, etc..
  • DataProse – Your host Winston Snyder notes that his blog is “Heavy on Excel and VBA, but wide open to anything related to data, information, business intelligence and data visualization.”
  • Excel Tables – Excel MVP Zack Barresse expands on his book Excel Tables: A Complete Guide for Creating, Using, and Automating Lists and Tables – with this website and blog dedicated to Tips and Tricks with Excel Tables. Tap into an Excel MVP Author by visiting this BLOG
  • ExcelJet – Dave and Lisa Bruns provide resources to help you work faster and more confidently in Excel.
  • A4 Accounting -over a hundred Excel blog posts plus tips + tricks and over 15 hours of FREE webinar recordings and materials
  • ExcelDemy – Kawser Ahmed posts a lot of Excel classes to the Training Site Udemy.  Check out his blog to see his charting and VBA posts.
  • Brad Edgar – Check out Brad’s site for Dashboarding tips and long form EPIC posts.
  • Spreadsheeto – Two guys from Copenhagen, Denmark that spend dozens of hours creating each and every blog post.  They want to make their site a 10/10 for Excel content.
  • Raj Excel – Quick, bite-sized tutorials with tons of screenshots.
  • Excel Champs – Two to three posts a week along with sample files for his visitors. You will learn some useful excel tips every week.
  • Trump Excel – Excel MVP in India.  True story — I originally signed up for Sumit’s newsletter email list years ago before he got his MVP.  I was so impressed by his newsletter that I offered him a job of creating the newsletter for Excel TV.  He graciously declined.  A few months later he got his MVP.  I didn’t know he was already that big.  I thought I had found a hidden treasure 🙂
  • MyExcelOnline – Jon Michaloudis site that contains animated gifs to support the blog posts
  • Power Spreadsheets – Jorge Gomez runs this site of Excel tutorials

Tips & Articles

  • Ron de Bruin – Tips and Tricks. Including a section on Excel for Mac
  • Decision Models – Articles Tips & Tricks. Especially for speeding up spreadsheets.
  • JKP Excel Articles – Articles Tips & Tricks from Jan Karel Pieterse
  • xlDynamic – Bob Philips site for Excel and VBA Tips. Also several utilities that you should check out
  • DeskBright Excel – Series of articles on Excel Basics
  • Excel Easy – Intoductory tutorials to Excel & VBA
  • Allen Wyatt’s Excel Tips – Allen has provided tips online for many years.  Check out his Excel Tips as part of the Tips.Net family
  • Andrew’s Excel Tips -Andrew Engwirda has been blogging about Excel since 2004.  This site is filled with Excel tips, downloads and a blog that is regularly updated.
  • Engineers-Excel – Nitin Mehta takes an engineering approach to his Excel Tips and Apps


  • Vertex42 – Jon Wittwer founded this site back in 2003 and it now stands as a nexus for all things TEMPLATE. Most templates are free. Check it out
  • Someka – Founded by Onur Yılmaz, a winner of the Excel World Championship, contains dozens of ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet templates for personal, home and business needs
  • ExcelUser – There are lots of decent Template sites on the web, but ExcelUser dominates. If you go to many of the sites listed above and look at the templates in the margin… they point back to ExcelUser.
  • Project & Portfolio Management – Chandoo makes some cool looking templates 🙂
  • BusinessSpreadsheets.com – High End VBA-Driven Business Templates
  • Spreadsheet123.com – Ultimate Guide to the World of Excel Templates
  • ExcelDashboardTemplates.com – The title says it all. This site seems to be updated daily and includes FRIDAY CHALLENGES where a question is offered and you are given the opportunity to submit creative solutions.

Charts & Graphics

  • E90E50charts – WOW. This is a really cool site. Many of the graphs they have here I didn’t even think were possible. As an added bonus, they let you download the files. Really cool site to expand you mind on what is possible with Excel.
  • Peltier Tech
  • Tushar-Mehta
  • Andy Pope – Excel charting techniques, solutions and examples
  • ExcelCharts.com – Best practices for effective excel charts in the corporate environment
  • Clearly and Simply – This blog is providing showcases, dashboards, tools, techniques and templates. Most of the posts will come with example files or templates for free download.

In Many Languages

  • EXCELGAARD – English and Danish (for the Vikings).
  • Excel-Inside – German. Excel Author and Expert Alois Eckl’s site.
  • Monsieur Excel – French. — (those who can read French — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • Lasakovi.com – Czech. Compilation site. — (those who can read Czech — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • ExcelForum.pl – Polish. Possibly the largest Polish Excel Forum — (those who can read Polish — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • Apocotenexcel.pl – Polish. — (those who can read Polish — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • VBATools.pl – Polish. Excel MVP — (those who can read Polish — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • ExcelWorld.ru – Russian. Excel MVP — (those who can read Russian — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • ExcelTip.ru – Russian. — (those who can read Russian — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • WimGielis.be – Belgium. Excel MVP — ( – Run by Excel MVP Wim Gielis)
  • TODOExcel – Spanish —(those who can read Spanish — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • Excel Formeln – Forum and Supersite from Germany hat was recommended in the comments section.  If you are German, give me your thoughts on this site.
  • AllExcel.info – Excel for Economists(those who can read Russian — let me know what you think in the comments section)
  • ExcelXL.nl – Dutch. — Jan Bolhuis says this is a great resource for beginners
  • ExcelEInfo.com – Spanish — from Mexican Excel MVP Sergio Alejandro Campos.  This is a blog where you will find useful information about Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (macros)

The MotherShip

Other Excel Help Resource Pages

Well… what did you think? Did I miss anything? If so, please leave me a comment, I would like to keep this list as updated as possible — So if you have a personal favorite, let me know and I will review it.  Also, you can click here for the most complete list of Excel Books on the planet.  They are categorized by function and recommended by some of the biggest excel gurus around.

  • Mynda Treacy says:

    Hi Rick,

    I’d appreciate a mention on your top 10 sites for Excel 🙂 We have an extensive Excel blog:


    I also have a hugely popular Excel dashboard course that is recommended by Mr Excel, Debra Dalgleish and Daniel Ferry to name a few:


    Plus we offer Excel, Word and Outlook training.

    If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them.

    Kind regards,


  • Tim Marston says:

    Hi Rick

    Thanks for his resource, as you know from the help you have been me I REALLY struggle with spreadsheets!



    • Thanks for stopping by Tim. There are lots of training resources in the list if you decide to dive in a little deeper 🙂

      Thanks for being a long-time member of the community.


  • Sue says:

    Hi Rick,

    Have bookmarked your page as there are some great resources here – I often need to find out how to do something with excel as I really only have the basics but this is a great list, thanks


  • Hi Rick, thank you very much for your words. I’m really glad you liked e90e50chart and I hope which will please even to visitors of this site
    best regards

  • Geoff Hornbeck says:

    Mr. Grantham,

    You’re right, after discovering your website through Google, this page has helped me immensely. All the sites you mentioned are top notch and worth a look.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks Winston. This is a robust list. I guess I have my weekend work cut out for me — going through these and adding them. Thank you. My readers appreciate a thorough list 🙂

  • Perhaps an addition to the list of tools.

    Name Manager: http://www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplacenm-en.asp

    • Thanks Richard. Question for you. I hear Data Bison mentioned a lot. Its a phenomenal looking site. Looks like the kind of site I would like to own 🙂

      But is it still being updated/maintained?

      The last activity I see was from 2010. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place 🙂

      Regarding your site… Pivot Table Zen… I like the concept. I am combing through it now

      Thanks Richard.


  • Mourad Louha says:

    Hi Rick,

    many thanks for listing my site here 🙂

    Best Regards,

  • Pavel Lasák says:

    Hi Rick,

    thanks for excellent list of English pages of Excel. There are also sites in other languages. For example, in Czech ;).


    • Thanks Pavel.

      I am adding your excel page now. http://office.lasakovi.com/excel/ … I must be honest that I am handicapped by my inability to understand sites in other languages. Are there other sites in other languages that you would also recommend to my readers?


      • Pavel Lasák says:

        Thanks Rick,

        most frequently I used English articles (sometimes German, Slovakia). In Czech are interesting page:



      • Alojz Lacko says:

        Well, I am not going to be the judge here, however, let me express my personal feeling:
        If you are putting together the list of websites where one can find some original ideas (by original I mean particular issue was most probably solved / solution was invented / published first time in there, although it might be rather questionable and difficult to verify who was the first in fact), then, I am sorry to say so, but Pavel’s pages do not qualify. It’s rather a compilation of many solutions originally published somewhere else. Good for someone unable to understand English, apart from that, just compilation, nothing original (although well designed and presented) and, even worse, without links to original sources. Not a big respect to intellectual property of the others, I guess.


        • Thanks Alojz.

          You and Winston are highly respected in the excel arena (see Jordan G.’s comment below). I will note it as being a compilation site for the time being and ask for ongoing feedback for all sites (particularly non-english).

          Thank you

          • Alojz Lacko says:

            Rick, thanks. See my comment I have left below what Jordan has written.
            I am pleased if anyone like Jordan appreciates my willingness to help.

  • Hi Rick
    This is indeed a commendable work. Many congratulation for it. I generally blog and use this website for my excel related work.

  • Armin Stein says:

    Hi Rick,

    lock here for a nice German Excel-Site.


    • Thanks Armin.

      I can’t read German… So I will add your site to the list and let our readers decide. It is definitely a nice looking site 🙂


    • As a follow up from my previous comment. (see above or below depending on how this saves 🙂 )

      Someone that I respect in the German Excel community sent me a message about this site and states that the site is from Alois Eckl — author and well know Excel expert in Germany.

      Alois- I don’t know if you will ever read this, but if you do… I am happy to have your site on the page.


  • Jordan G says:

    Thank you for placing my blog on your list. In addition, I want to direct readers to two outstanding individuals who don’t run blogs but who freely help others online in LinkedIn forums. (Indeed, both have also posted in your comments section here.) Winston Snyder and Alojz Lacko are Excel experts who have no problem providing their technical expertise and advice on LinkedIn. I would strongly urge folks to follow them and join the forums to which they contribute.

    • Alojz Lacko says:

      Thanks, Jordan, for kind words. Especially appreciated from one whose work I admire a lot. To be honest, I have learned a lot from Winston’s contribution, not sure my knowledge is any close to his, yet keep doing my best.

  • Chris Smith says:

    Heya Rick,

    I’d like to add my blog: blog.smittypro.com

    Excel MVP Zack Barresse and I have put up some helpful posts on Forms, Data Validation, VBA, etc., although I don’t get to write nearly as much as I’d like.


    Microsoft Excel MVP (2007-2014)

  • Debi says:

    Check also this blog:


    It has a lot of posts about VBA.
    I have used their code snippets many times.


  • Rick Nederpelt says:

    Hi Rick,

    You site was tipped to me on my LinkedIn Account.
    Just wanted to let you know you got lot’s of great links to great content here.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you took to put this list together.
    Congratulations on it.

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks Rick.

      I appreciate it. Its actually been a lot of fun and very interesting to investigate all these sites. There are a lot of talented, insightful people in the Excel community.


  • Petros says:


    Please review

    Ribbon Commander is a framework for rapid Office UI development. It aims to both simplify and extend the existing XML-based programming model for the Office UI, by exposing a complete object model for the Ribbon and Backstage (while also fully supporting XML)

  • Winston Snyder says:


    Huge oversight on my part for the PowerPivot category. Excellent blog: http://dmoffat.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks Winston.

      It looks like Dick Moffat keeps this fairly up to date. Plus his most recent post is about BI, which is near and dear to my heart.

      Thanks for recommending this.


  • Alois Eckl says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the link to Excel Inside;). That really makes me happy that my site is ranked on the list.

    Kind regards


    • My friends in the German Excel community speak very highly of you. You are a noted author and contributor to the Excel community. Thank you for stopping by the site Alois. I would love to line you up for an interview if your schedule allows it.


  • Cary Walkin says:

    Hi Rick,

    I run the VBA4Play blog which has detailed tutorials on using excel for video games. It’s definitely niche but I think it’s one of a kind on the internet. Feel free to check it out here: http://carywalkin.ca/category/vba4play/

    Cary Walkin

  • VBA4Play… Love the title 🙂

    Cary, This is a VERY detailed step by step tutorial on how to build some really cool stuff. I am kind of blown away, to be honest.

    This is definitely added. Also sending you an email.


  • Peter Daly says:

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks a lot for putting them altogether.

    There are two websites of our company which are into this excel training –


    Peter Daly

  • Dan Strong says:

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks so much for this mighty list! What a resource!

    I’d love it if you consider mentioning ExcelVbaIsFun as one of your Youtube sites. Thanks so much again for your hard efforts, sir.

    Dan, ExcelVbaIsFun

    • Dan.

      Honestly, I am a bit embarrassed that ExcelVBAIsFun was missed on the original list. Oooops. Hopefully people don’t read this far down the page to see my error 🙂

      Definitely added. Great YouTube Channel for those looking to learn VBA.

      Its great to have you here.


  • Pete says:

    I often refer to, use, and post in Exceldashboardtemplates.com

    This is a very good site for learning various charting techniques and tricks for use in dashboards.


  • Kees Jacobs says:

    Hi Rick

    I added this site to my favourites!
    Surprised I didn’t find Asap Utilities in this list. I use it many Years 😉

    (Free for Home & Students)

    Kees Jacobs

  • BariAbdul says:

    Another fairly decent Excel site by Wim Gielis ,It is in Belgium language but got quite useful stuff,My apologies if you have already included it.

  • Jordan G says:

    Under forums you should include VBA Express: http://www.vbaexpress.com/portal.php. Not sure how I missed recommending this one the first time around.

  • Jenny says:

    Thank you! As an excel beginner I am grateful for all tips about excel. At the moment I deal with the issue “pivot filter”. So far, I help myself with a website which shows you the function step by step by a easy description and videos. Maybe do u like to see it: http://www.excel-aid.com/excel-pivot-filtersmodifying-and-filtering-pivotcharts.html In any case I will try the functions presented by you.

  • Renat Lotf says:

    Thanks a lot, very helpful page.
    About Excelworld.ru. This is one of the biggest resourses in russiantalking area, I always use it, when I have some questions about Excel.
    Very interesting section called Brainstorming, where excel guru compete in easiest and shortest way of some Excel task.

    Here is another good site in russian devoted Excel- http://www.exceltip.ru/

  • Dave Bruns says:

    Hi Rick – I’d like to (humbly) suggest our site, Exceljet. We have a good list of Win and Mac shortcuts here: https://exceljet.net/keyboard-shortcuts. We’re also working on useful resources for functions and formulas, as posting weekly video tips.


  • wow – what a great list.. thx for collecting all those excel resources. I also follow your Excel TV show on youtube. Great Job !

  • rolo says:

    For the spanish audience I would like to recommend http://www.todoexcel.com


  • Hi Rick

    This Excel resource page is truly “Epic”! If we could humbly mention our resources which we have developed for our Excel delegates. They include full training manuals (honed from years of classroom delivery), hints & tips and a support forum too.


  • Hi Rick,

    the German ultimate page is http://excelformeln.de

    – more than 13 million visitors (http://excelformeln.de/uberuns.html?umenuzahl=9)
    – their authors wrote 3 sold out books of far beyond beginner’s level

    See 6 amusing minutes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhkiMX8zbDE (reducing a chart in 26 aspects to the MIN, even though it is in German)

    Yours, Alexander

  • Amit Tandon says:

    Hi Rick,

    You might want to check on http://www.globaliconnect.com for vba tutorials. It has a free excel vba tutorial available for members who log-in. We get some excellent feedback from users.

    Amit Tandon

  • Hi Rick

    Great Excel resource!

    I’d appreciate it if you could consider my website for inclusion in your list.


    I have over a hundred Excel blog posts plus tips + tricks and over 15 hours of FREE webinar recordings and materials.

    I have been writing Excel articles for the Australian CPA magazine for over 10 years and had my first Excel book published last year.



  • Mark Kelly says:

    Hi Rick

    Great Collection of Excel resources.

    Would appreciate if you could add our new online Excel training course at Excelcoursesonline.com to your list.

    The course covers Excel from beginners to advanced level with email support as you work yourself through the course.

    Also we are bring out an “Excel for entrepreneurs” online course in September 2015,will definitely link your site to this.


  • Mark Kelly says:

    Sorry Rick,

    The link in my last email was incorrect, its http://excelcoursesonline.com/


  • Kawser Ahmed says:

    Thanks Rick for your great Excel resources.
    Here is my blog. If you find it worthy, would you please add it to your list?
    Thanks and regards.

  • Rick hi,
    Thanks for this it’s a great page.
    I was wondering if you’d consider including the Excel page that we have on my business’s site. We’ve just hit 50 articles and are aiming to continue adding one per week to build up our volume of content.


  • Share my Youtube channel where each week on public VBA, tips and tricks. All about Excel.

  • Paul says:

    Hi Rick,

    I love this list of resources and would be grateful to be included.

    I’ve creating a brand new VBA website in 2015 and it’s already getting sizeable traffic.

    My website is different to the normal VBA sites. Instead of short posts I write complete guides to topics such as Arrays, Loops , Worksheets, Collections etc.


  • Hi, Please also add my blog raj-excel.blogspot.com for Excel tips and tracks.

  • Brad Edgar says:

    Brad – I added your site to the BLOG section along with links to your episode and products.

    • George Mount says:

      Brad, and you are making it so much easier to teach Excel with the sample datasets. That was a brilliant idea!

  • George Mount says:

    Wow, this is the mother of all Excel lists! Thanks for keeping this, Rick, huge contribution to the Excel community!

  • Jarrod Tanton says:

    Hey Rick,

    I’ve spent the last decade of my career leveraging Excel to solve common business problems faced by some of the top companies in industry. I recently developed an in-depth Excel course that focuses purely on mastering the art and science of writing formulas. It’s rooted in practical application, with over 170 examples spread across 16.5 hours of content. There’s also over 120 quiz questions to test students understanding and reinforce key takeaways. By the end of this course, students will be proficient in reading and writing even the most complex formulas in Excel.

    Link to Excel Apprenticeship Series: From Beginner to Formula Master Course https://www.udemy.com/xlessentials-eap-m2/?couponCode=xlessentials



  • Puneet Gogia says:

    Hey Rick, Please add my blog to your list. It would be a great help.

    You and exceltv is already on my list of useful links.

  • Sumit says:

    Hey Rick.. This is a super collection of Excel resources.

    At http://trumpexcel.com, there are 300+ tutorials and 130+ vidoes on various Excel topics (excel functions, templates, charting, vba).

    Additionally, I also have three Excel courses:
    >> Excel Course (Basic to Advanced): http://trumpexcel.com/excel-course
    >> Excel Dashboard Course: http://trumpexcel.com/excel-dashboard-course
    >> Excel VBA JetPack Course: http://trumpexcel.com/excel-vba-jetpack-course

    Would be great to see the site as a part of the list here.


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    Feel free to add http://www.myexcelonline.com/courses under Training, http://www.myexcelonline.com/blog under Blogs and http://www.myexcelonline.com/podcast under Other.


  • Jorge A. Gomez says:

    Hi Rick,

    I think your list is already amazing. Since you’re updating, I share 11 websites (10 + mine) that I think would make nice additions. I didn’t include the blogs of your past guests or the suggestions made in other comments, both of which include great resources (IMHO) already.

    http://www.excellentias.com/ (Spanish)

    I have a few other ideas, so please let me know if you want more (trying to keep it short here). Thanks for your work categorizing/organizing such a big amount of resources!

    • Thanks Jorge. I have definitely added your site. I am going through the others now and am surprised at how many I missed. Thanks

      • Jorge A. Gomez says:

        Thanks for adding Power Spreadsheets Rick.

        I agree that its quite difficult to keep track of so many websites. And I can imagine how time consuming it is to go through all of them in order to identify the best ones. Which is why I particularly like your list and appreciate the work you make to filter and organize them (Thanks again for that).

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    Excel for Engineers: http://www.Engineers-Excel.com

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    Awesome compilation!
    Surprised when saw two Russian websites, but not http://planetaexcel.ru – the most popular site in Russian-speaking Internet zone. Both mentioned ExcelWorld.ru and ExcelTip.ru are fine sites as well.
    What also can be added to the list of local Excel teaching sites:
    http://www.excel-vba.ru/ – samples, addins, forum
    http://vba-excel.ru/ – samples, addins, forum
    http://excelvba.ru/ – tons of VBA samples, solutions, addins, development service


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    Hi Rick,
    Could you take a look of the blog of ITraininig (https://itraining.bg/category/itraining-blog ) – the owner is Boriana Petrova – Microsoft MVP for Excel from Bulgaria. The site is on Bulgarian, but you can find also interesting artigle about history of Microsoft Excel in Ebglish: https://itraining.bg/excel-30-years-history/
    Best regards!

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    Thanks in advance.

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    Regards, Jacek

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    Hi Rick,

    Pehaps you might like to add Excel Off The Grid (https://exceloffthegrid.com) into your list of best Excel sites. It’s got lots of good Excel and VBA articles, plus various add-ins.

    Feel free to take a look.



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    I have also good site about Excel with Tip and Tricks for Russian users: https://excelhack.ru

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    TeachExcel has hundreds of free tutorials and some free training courses as well as a forum. Would be nice if you could add them to the list 🙂


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    This is an excel-lent list of resources. Check out https://www.excelchat.co/, they connect users with excel experts for live, one-on-one sessions. They also have a tutorial section with free resources https://www.excelchat.co/excel-tutorial.

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    Hi, Rick! I’m very angry with you 🙂
    You have missed the best website of all (https://ayudaexcel.com).
    It is in Spanish and has one of the largest forums in the world with over 25,000 users and 240,000 topics.

  • Dave says:

    Hi Rick,
    I have been a follower of ExcelTV from early on. Your collection of links includes most of the sites I refer to when looking to find something Excel/VBA unusual or offbeat.
    I tried excelsumo.com to see what it is like but all I got was “406 Not Acceptable”.
    Would you have any idea why this may be?

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