How to Deliver Excel Training

This episode is around discussing tips on delivering Excel training. In our panel of experts we have Oz du Soleil, Jordan Goldmeier and Rick Grantham. And they are joined by our special guest Keidra Chaney. Keidra has 7 years of experience training people in Analytics at various levels.

Let’s get on with it!

1 – Courses & Workshops

For Keidra, knowing the audience is the key to designing workshops or courses. This is because the content taught can vary a lot depending on the comfort level of the audience with things like JavaScript, Excel or Statistics. Where possible, she recommends use of a basic survey to assess this comfort level.

Within the context of canned courses, Keidra remarked that she still strives to customize them as much as is possible. This way the courses become more suitable for the audience which, in turn, prevents a lot of precious time from getting wasted.

2 – When to Say No?

Keidra did acknowledge that while it may be difficult to say when starting in this field, it is an essential art to learn. It is important for your audience to convey their needs to the trainer. But if they don’t really know what they need, any sort of training will bear no benefits.

3 – Tools of the Trade

Jordan, Rick and Keidra believe that Power Point is appropriate to deliver training most of the times. Though one must keep in mind that the content should be sparse. And one should keep moving back and forth between Excel to demonstrate the techniques being taught.

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Please share your thoughts and experiences with giving Excel trainings with us in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to share this with seasoned or prospective trainers you may know of.

Jamani Arsalan


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