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This is the third in a series of interviews targeting people who “Make a Difference” in the Excel community. Authors, Blog Writers, Teachers, excel help gurus, etc. If they are a Microsoft Excel expert — then I am trying to tackle them and get them to speak to you here. Many of these interviews will be video skype interviews, and others will be text.

Jordan Goldmeier, Excel MVP, owner at Goldmeier Consulting, host of and author of upcoming book Dashboards for Excel 

When Jordan and I sat down to talk, I expected it to be a 20 minute interview.  Instead, we talked for almost two hours.  This first edit is less than 20 minutes.  There will be additional edits later.  As such…  to quote The Offspring…  I Gotta Keep ’em Separated.

In this first interview, we discussed books.  Specifically his new book Dashboards for Excel and the process that he went through to become an author.  Additionally, Jordan discusses his favorite books for Excel and Dashboards.

How to Find Jordan Goldmeier

Well…  the guy is all over the place.  If you are posting on an Excel forum or discussion group, look in the comments section and you will probably see his name.  Recently, Jordan has started his own consulting company Goldmeier Consulting to assist customers with their Excel needs.  Have an excel problem you need help with?  Might as well get an expert on the case.  Contact Jordan at Goldmeier Consulting.

Sites and Books Jordan Mentioned

Other Excel Expert Interviews

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