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Guest Post #1 – Dynamic Funnel Chart

Reader, Bert van Zandbergen, from Beekbergen, The Netherlands (Holland) sent me his own cool creation based on the Rollover technique I created. I asked if I could post his work to this blog to which he graciously agreed. Below is his write up. Some of the Excel functions below are in Dutch (which I think is […]

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Edit button, please

This is a long overdue article, my apologies. The basis of the article surrounds a question in the comments section of an article on (comment #75) written about the hyperlink() method I discovered and wrote about here. In Chandoo’s example, when a user rolls over different “hotspots” representing different datasets, the corresponding data comes into […]

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How to Create a Rollover Effect in Excel: Execute a Macro When Your Mouse is over a Cell

“Rollover B8 OV1” (like Rollover Beethoven…? get it?)Update 17 July 2011: This blog entry was featured in Chandoo’s latest post. So if you’re coming here from his site — welcome! original post: This post was inspired by Chandoo’s post on hyperlinks in Excel. If you haven’t checked his website out yet – you should. It’s […]

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