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Get a free bonus video when you purchase Dashboards

Until the end of September, Chandoo and I will be offering a free, one-hour bonus video with all purchases of Dashboards for Excel. Here’s how to qualify for this offer: Purchase a copy of the book form Amazon (you can also buy it from a bookstore, but I’m not sure if they’ll be on shelves […]

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Dashboards for Excel… it's finally finished!

It’s finally done! That’s right: the entire manuscript is done and in production. It’s going to the printers soon. My publisher hasn’t yet updated the Amazon page, but the planned release date is September 15th! Now, as you might recall, we spun out eight chapters from Dashboards to become Advanced Excel Essentials. So if you already […]

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Long time no see

It’s been a long time since you last heard from me. Several things have happened in my life. Well, first, I had to get a job. My consulting business was doing well, and I was actually pretty good at it (at least, I thought so). But circumstances unforeseen changed what I had to do next; […]

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Advanced Excel for Business – less than two weeks left to sign up!

If you’re in the Ohio Miami Valley, then don’t miss my Advanced Excel for Business workshop! There are still spots available, so don’t miss out. Remember, aside from the awesome skills you’ll learn, you’ll also get a free copy of Advanced Excel Essentials and a catered lunch. What could be better? Click here to sign up […]

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PASS Business Analytics & Free Preview Session Webinar

So there’s been a lot of anticipation about this year’s PASS Business Analytics conference in Santa Clara, California. There will be a veritable Excel “dream team” (there words, not mine) presenting at this years conferences including yours truly, Rick, Oz, Rob Collie, Chandoo and more. Ahead of this year’s presentation, I’ve provided a preview webinar called […]

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Colors and Excel

The theme colors for Excel 2013 are probably the best scheme to date. However, sometimes I’m looking for another palette for my work. For instance, the colors used in this picture of a decisions support system developed in Advanced Excel Essentials are from another palette. For these colors, I use a terrific tool colored Color […]

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Why I don’t like RUN buttons

When I first started this blog, I thought to myself: VBA is wonderful and amazing—there’s nothing you can’t do with it. I still love VBA, don’t get me wrong, but my relationship with the scripting language has changed considerably over the last several years. On a recent Excel.TV episode, Rick rightly pointed out the irony […]

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Excel for Business Workshop in West Chester, Ohio

COURSE DESCRIPTION Have you mastered VLOOKUP and INDEX? Have you not met a Pivot Table you couldn’t best? Then this is the class for you. With this advanced course, I’ll teach you powerful techniques to take your skills to the next level. This is a full-day hands-on workshop, where we’ll use Excel’s features and functions in […]

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Happy Holidays 2014

Hello everyone. I’m a little late getting out my holiday card. Unfortunately, it’s not as polished as last year’s, which had falling snow. So, I’m sending you this card, which isn’t perfect. Just pretend it’s something your kid made with glued macaroni. Move your mouse around like a flashlight to reveal a hidden message. See […]

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Get Advanced Excel Essentials for $9.99!

I wish this deal were available a few days ago. Apress’ parent company, Springer, currently has a coupon to receive $30 off any of their books, including Advanced Excel Essentials. Here’s what you do: 1. Go here to my Advanced Excel Essentials book page. Then click “Get it now.” 2. Use the coupon code HLDY14A to take $30 […]

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Take an extra 25% off Advanced Excel Essentials!

Until 12pm tonight PST, you can receive an additional 25 percent off Advanced Excel Essentials when your purchase the book on Amazon. Use BOOKDEAL25 at check out. (Make sure to purchase the November 5th edition. The lower cost book coming out in April is a glitch in my publisher’s system.) Click here to order your […]

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A method for quickly importing and working with CSV files (part 2)

This is part 2 in which I explain how I solved the problem. Make sure to read the previous blog posts. Taken together, these show I though through and ultimately solved the problem. Query Tables to the Rescue! To solve this problem, I stumbled on something I rarely use, and that’s our good ol’ friend […]

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A method for quickly importing and working with CSV files (part 1)

So many folks have asked me to write more on my coding style. So here it is: I’ve developed a two-parter blog post to present my thinking style and how I ultimately solved the problem. The Problem I have a client with several CSV files that must be checked and validated for certain data specifications. […]

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On using complex IFs and Chapter 3 (now free!)

Hello everyone! I’m releasing chapter 3 from my new book, Advanced Excel Essentials, for free! Click here to download Chapter 3! Then buy it on Amazon today! So over at Excel.TV I wrote a blog post that’s an extension of chapter 3 of my book on using IF formulas. Sorry for the dear followers of this blog […]

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Get Chapter 1 of Advanced Excel Essentials for Free!

Download Chapter 1 of my new book and let me know what you think in the comments. Chapter 1 Download: 9781484207352_Ch01

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