February 4

Play Sound with Excel VBA – .wav files in Excel Video Tutorial



There are some tips on the show that seem to take on a life of their own.  People see them and they suddenly can’t wait to try it out.

Szilvia Juhasz is the contributor for a good portion of those tips.  She feeds the masses.  It’s a gift.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Szilvia first found this tip on John Walkenbach’s blog, The Spreadsheet Page.

bullet step 1

Set up Your Macro

Play Sound with Excel VBA Play Sound with Excel VBA

bullet step 2

Attach to the Macro to Something

You can attach a Macro to your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) or different criteria, like when a cell changes values or moves above/below a threshold via a worksheet event.


BONUS Downloads

[thrive_link color=’teal’ link=’https://excel.tv/wp-content/uploads/excel-hot-tips-for-excel-tv-courtesy-of-xszil-20141118.xlsm’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’aligncenter’]Download the Spreadsheet Szilvia Used[/thrive_link]

[thrive_link color=’teal’ link=’https://excel.tv/wp-content/uploads/GameShow.wav’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=’aligncenter’]Download The Gameshow wav File[/thrive_link]

[thrive_link color=’teal’ link=’https://excel.tv/wp-content/uploads/SadTrombones.wav’ target=’_self’ size=’small’ align=’aligncenter’]Download the Sad Trombone wav File[/thrive_link]

What’s Next?

How have you used this tip?  What sounds or files have you played?  Have questions for Szilvia?  Leave them in the comments section below.  You can also hire Szilvia at http://www.xszil.com/


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