26: Excel.TV Roaming Reporter Carl Pepperseed - Excel TV

26: Excel.TV Roaming Reporter Carl Pepperseed

Don’t let the folksy demeanor fool you.

From his straw hat to his “Gone With the Wind” mustache.

From the tip of his bluetooth earpiece to his Adidas track suit.

All properly positioned to hide his blinking ankle bracelet and prison stories.

Carl Pepperseed is a man who has seen the spreadsheet world.  Seen it all.  And has come to share what he’s found.

Carl Pepperseed is a Complicated Man


This Excel Raconteur (had to google that) was first introduced to the Excel TV community as an Excel Community Reporter.  Describing the woes of Andy McAdoo.

Carl describes the perils of extra-marital affairs, ant mounds, and frequency array formulas.  Send your prayers.

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A disheveled Carl joined us a few episodes later.  Donning a tilted cowboy hat and Yosemite Sam mustache.  Like Wyatt Erpp galloping into town to start a legal fund.  His target, Rhonda Jeffries.

Carl describes what happens at the intersection of a fish fry, spreadsheet gumbo, and relative references.

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Carl Gets Interviewed

Many of our viewers have wondered what ever happened to Carl.  As he was supposed to be with us at the 2014 ModelOFF competition.  Carl explains his absence. Carl describes the role of Excel 2013 in prison, twitchy eyes, underground Excel gambling dens and of course… rubber snakes.


What’s Next

Leave your comments below for Carl.  He checks the website from his probation officer’s office.

  • Tim Mayes says:

    Answer to the challenge: Excel tables used to be called Lists

  • Jeff Koenig says:

    Oz, How do you do that thing you do … keeping a straight face? Truly a thespian!

    Jordan, Congrats on the gig with E&Y.

  • Oz says:

    Yes yes. That Carl Pepperseed is a complicated man.

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