41: John Michaloudis - Excel Trainer at MyExcelOnline.com - Excel TV

41: John Michaloudis – Excel Trainer at MyExcelOnline.com

The show aired Tuesday February 15 at 7:05pm Eastern.  We were joined by John Michaloudis.  John runs the Excel training website myExcelOnline.com

John also runs a very successful Excel Podcast where he interviews Excel Bloggers, Authors and Trainers.

Podcast?  Courses?

If you are sitting in a desk right now.  Working for “The Man” and you are sick of it, then watch this episode from beginning to end.  John discusses his desire to work for himself and the process he went through to create his own course.  He opened an Excel book as a guide, and hit the record button.  Rinse and repeat 200 times to create the 200 videos in the course.

That’s going out on a limb.  That’s believing in yourself.  Record 200 videos.  Dedicate a year of your life on a hope that you can sell it.  All without a blog or a built in audience.  John discusses the entire process.

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  • Kevin Zandee says:

    Father of pivot tables is Pito Salas

  • Michael Critchley says:

    Challenge answer: Pito Salas is considered by Bill Jelen and Michael Alexander as the ‘father of pivot tables’.

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    Pito Salas is the father of Pivot tables

  • tanjil says:

    how to make text to numeric value in excel

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