45: Kasper Langmann - Spreadsheeto.com - Excel TV

45: Kasper Langmann – Spreadsheeto.com

Kasper Langmann – Spreadsheeto.com

Kasper Langmann of Spreadsheeto.com joined the Excel TV crew for Episode 45 on Wednesday July 27th at 9:05 pm Eastern.

The panel discussed the pros and cons of formal (collegiate) Excel education vs learning Excel on the job.  The group discussed how they learned Excel. There was some discussion of this episode with George Mount where he discussed that collegiate Excel examples are too sanitary.  Include too many cleaned-up examples.  There are almost no examples that are data dumps of formatted reports for systems.  Very few “data cleanup” examples.

How Did you learn Excel?  What methods do you find effective?  Leave your comments below.

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  • fran Reed says:

    Oz… Loved your tip on Power Query. Have an application to use with a client already. Power Query has totally changed my consulting . Excel TV Rocks….

  • Oz du Soleil says:

    Fran! Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you found an application!

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