February 22

CONVERT function in Excel – Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and more – Excel Tips

Are you converting your measurements like a chump?

This happens all the time. You get a data dump from your main office in London. Can’t wait to start the analysis. Only to find out that the data uses British measurements. What is a stone anyways?

And if you are a chump… like most of us are… you go about looking up a conversion table somewhere on the internet. Copy/paste. Bring it into Excel. Or UDF Functions. YUK.

Don’t be a CHUMP. be a CHAMP.

There is an easier way.

Today’s tip is offered by Kevin Lehrbass of MySpreasheetLab.com.  Use the CONVERT Function.

CONVERT Function to the Rescue

Go over to your Excel help icon and type in “CONVERT”.  You will see a ton of items that can be converted.  But first things first.

bullet step 1

CONVERT Function Setup

In the example below, I am converting 7 Meters to Feet.  There is a number, in this case 7, along with the from_unit and to-unit.  The from_unit and to_unit should be in quotes.


Below is a final example of meters to feet and hours to minutes.


bullet step 2from_unit and to_unit

OK.  Well that’s kind of cool, Rick.  But how would I intuitively know that “m” is meters and not minutes.  And that “ft” is feet and not fahrenheit?  Good question.  Below is a handy lookup table for you.  If you click the image, it will also download an excel file that has all the units.

Click to Download Spreadsheet File

Don’t Get CRAZY

If you to to convert minutes to meters.  Or inches to celsius, you will get an error.

BONUS Download

Convert function spreadsheet <– Click to download the spreadsheet example

Check out Oz’s Book


Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel is yours for the taking.  Oz mentioned it again in this video, so you should check it out.

About the author 

Rick Grantham

I am the Director of Business Intelligence at a Consulting Firm and am responsible for leading reporting and analytics deployments. I am also a Founder at Excel TV and am dedicated to making this community a home base for Excel users. A place where experts share strategies to Cleanse, Automate and Visualize data.

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