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Customize Excel Ribbon – Change Case of Text

We all know that Excel Ribbon has tabs like Home, Data, review, Insert and many more. This allows us to perform some tasks like formatting the text, inserting bullets and more. Without this Excel ribbon nothing can be done. But, if you observe it, text on all tabs of ribbon is in camel case. Do you know that, text on tabs can be changed to uppercase and that case can also be replaced with another text? Yes, you heard it right. We can do that and we have Jordan “Jlookup” Goldmeier explaining us the same. So, let us learn how to do that.

Let us Get Started to Customize Excel Ribbon

1 – The Output

Did you observe the image placed on the right? You could see that “Data” and “Review” got replaced with “DATA” and “REVIEW”. This is what the output of this Excel tip gives you. Let us see how to do that in the following steps.


2 – Go To Customize Ribbon

You could achieve the above target to change the text on tabs of Excel Ribbon by going to Customize Ribbon option. First, click on “File” and select “Options”. It opens up “Excel Options” and on the left side, select “Customize Ribbon”. You could see the one as specified on the image placed below.2

3 – Rename the Text on Tabs

Now, it’s time to change the text on Tabs as we want. Click on the tab which you want to rename and select “Rename” button at the bottom. Now, it asks you to enter the new text you want. Once you enter the text, click “Ok” of the Rename box. Then, click “Ok” again as specified in the image. Now, you could see the text of the tab being replaced with the text you entered.

Repeat same steps if you want to change the text remaining tabs in Excel Ribbon.3

What’s next?

Jordan explained us this tip in an easy way. Now, it’s your turn to implement it and to share it with your friends and colleagues. Hurry Up! If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.