48: Oz du Soleil…Supercut!

Excel.TV’s 50th Episode!

It’s finally here! Roll out the red carpet, prep the T-shirt cannons, and turn on that fire house! BECAUSE. TODAY. EXCEL. TV. RELEASES. IT’S. 50TH. EPISODE.

LOL: Last week was our 50th episode – but this feels momentous nonetheless!

It’s Oz, like you’ve never seen him before!

We took some of our favorite clips from the last several years and cut them together into one of the greatest clip shows known to man and paperclip. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder what happened to Clippy! (And one point, Oz tells a person in a Clippy costume, “I thought you were dead!”)

Where is Oz now?

Oz now has his own YouTube channel. He is known for putting together some of the most helpful and creative Excel videos out there. In fact, over this last year, I was asked by several people if I’d met Oz! pfffffffft! 

He’s taking the Excel and YouTube world by storm! Check him out:

  • YouTube Channel – “Excel on fire” – Link
  • Website – Link

Want to see more videos like this?

There are probably more hilarious clip shows in the archives. Szilvia recently reached out to me and suggested we do a Where are they now? episode. We think that’s a great idea! And, we’re open to new ideas — especially yours! — as we get our video machine back up and running.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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