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002: How To Make Excel Faster

How to Make Excel Faster

Friday Fire is back with an all new episode on how to speed up things in Excel. I present two ways to make things faster:

  • Replace repetitive volatile formulas (like NOW, RAND, etc)  with a named range where only one volatile formula resides.
  • Root out spreadsheet errors and handle them with formulas like IFERROR.

Do you have ideas on how to speed up Excel? I’d love to hear them.

New Digs

As you can see from my background, I’ve moved to Brooklyn! I love it here, but because my life is in flux, Friday Fire will be a bit sporadic for a few weeks. Don’t worry! Rick and I working on plan to have it come out regularly.

Until next time–keep on Excel’n


  • my openion on how to make excel faster:
    1- convert data to table.
    2-using initial array formula Like sumproduct instead of sum array.

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    You said “… an all new episode on how to speed up …”
    Could you provide links or tags to make it easier to find those other similar articles?


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