23: Kevin Lehrbass of mySpreadsheetLab.com

Our new friend Kevin Lehrbass, the host at mySpreadsheetLab.com joins us from Toronto, Canada.

Kevin is the Team Leader of Analytic Help Desk team for a consulting firm.  His team answers questions related to Excel and Access.  As a result, tons of questions come into the help line asking all types of Excel questions.

In this interview Kevin discusses how problems are assessed, differing limitations of the Excel product, and how he got involved in Excel.

How Do You Solve Problems with Excel?2015-02-17_22-25-25

Learning a foreign language? Passion? Necessity?  Being able to explain a concept clearly?  What are the additional things that make you an effective problem solver?

Oz mentions a Superbowl Analysis video by Kevin.  This begins an entire conversation on how “closeness” can be defined.  See Kevin’s video here.

Do you have an analytical mind?  if so, what does that mean? Do you need to have confidence in your own work?  Technical skills are probably less important having confidence in your ability to answer.  Ultimately, you should have both.

Where to find Kevin

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  • When Designing complex worksheets for clients here are some points that i think are important:-
    1) Being able to understand the problem, asking the right questions but i also thing building a understanding of the client how they think and operate, also good communications , i find more and more and information comes out every time i comunicate with them . There for building module by module.
    2)People find in hard to take in lots of information at a time, therefore feed in small chunks.
    3) planning skills and being flexible
    regards ian

  • Hey there, ExcelTV Gang!
    You are all fantastic! Episode 23 was excellent as I’d anticipated it would be. Although it’s great to get Excel ‘how to’ tips it was also is exhilarating to listen to your individual personal life’s experiences with Excel over these past thirty years of Excel’s inception, per the question for this episode…’How many years has Excel been around?’. It’s was neat to hear about each of the host’s and the guest speaker Kevin Lehrbass from Canada’s, life’s experiences with Excel, e.g. not just how he uses it in his current career but how he came upon ‘Excel’ and the key moment or turning point where he was found himself ‘hooked’ on Excel. And, as always, over the past episodes of Excel TV, Rick Grantham does a superb job of orchestrating, hosting and keeping the momentum ‘alive’ throughout the entire broadcast.

    I do have a very interesting true life story regarding a position that I worked up until about a week ago that was just like Kevin is doing that I’d like your personal opinion on. I would like to e-mail you (e.g. Rick and the group) so you could provide me you input and/or advice about the position that I happened to stumble upon on the Internet and found myself performing life, enqueue phone assistance to clients with Excel questions.

    Your ExcelTV is AWESOME! Keep up the good work! I will try to spread the word to everyone I know who may utilize Excel in their career or otherwise and are just eager learn about Excel!

    Patti Mackenzie

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