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Hello All! Hope you all are doing well. Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier is back with the interesting Excel Challenge.  But as usual, let us look in to the previous week’s Excel challenge and announce the winner.

Last Week’s Challenge

Last week’s challenge was “How Old is Excel?” Hope you all answered this challenge.

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

Correct answer is Excel is 30 Years Old. So, the winner is Lex Rosie King. Congratulation! You will receive an eBook of Advanced Excel Essentials.

What’s the guy’s name in Mr. Excel’s Logo?

You all are aware of Bill Jelen’s Mr. Excel website. But, the question is what it the guy’s name in Mr. Excel’s logo? Jordan gave an hint that it is a man and not a woman. He also mentioned that, if you have seen this week’s episode, then you would answer this.

Hurry Up To Answer

Go ahead and comment your answer in Excel TV blog post or Facebook or comment on the video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or mail at [email protected]. Come On!


Sridhar Belide


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