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Q&A with Mr Excel – Bill Jelen Answers Questions

Unfulfilled Promises?

And the Sad Reality of Forgotten Bloggers

There was blog post by Chandoo in 2013 where hundreds of questions were asked of Mr Excel.  In Bill Jelen’s defense, Bill states the questions were answered…  but in the interest of completeness, Bill played along.

Click Here For The Link to Chandoo’s Post

If There Was Only Time Enough Left On This Earth For One More Spreadsheet, What Would It Be Of?

It would be a spreadsheet learned from a 4 year old.  Specifically Mike Girvin’s son (ExcelIsFun Youtube Channel).

  • Get 3 columns filled with =RAND()
  • Select entire range
  • Create 3D Bubble Chart with multiple colors
  • Refresh, refresh, refresh
  • End The World

If the Number 42 Is The Answer To The Universe, Life and Everything.  Then How Can We Make Use Of That In Our Pursuit Of Excel Bliss?

That would have been a great name for book #42.  Unfortunately the book has already been written and is being published by a serious publisher that expects serious names to books.

Just In Case You Don't Get The "42" Reference

Just In Case You Don’t Get The “42” Reference

What Is The One Function You Would Love To See In Excel That Does Not Currently Exist?

“I want VLOOKUP to go left”.  There are workarounds for this that are included in the book.  But a simpler capability to be built within the function is high on Bill’s list.

How Many Marriage Proposals Have You Received?

No Mrs Excel has come out of the works due to his Excel fame.  No marriage proposals.

How Many Mr Excel Thongs Have You Sold Through Your Cafe-Press Store?

The story.  A woman was complaining that her man was spending way too much time on the Mr Excel Message Board.  And she lure him away from the message board using the Mr Excel Thong.


Do You Think Microsoft Will Continue To Support VBA In The Future?

We have another 20 years of VBA Support.  Which will get us to the end of Mr Excel’s working life.

Scatterplot, Boxers, or Pie Chart Briefs?

No Comment.

What’s Next?

Do you have a question for Bill?  What question have you always wanted to ask?  Leave a note in the comments section below.