November 17

Teach Me Excel – Webinar of the Excel Landscape


If you have watched any Excel.TV episodes, then you are very aware of my co-host, Oz du Soleil.  Oz is the host over at

Oz is an Excel Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Entertainer.  He is best known for taking complex Excel problems and breaking them down into digestible morsels so that you can immediately act on them and “keep your ass out of the fire.”  He is especially passionate about data quality and has contributed to a book on this topic.

Getting an hour of Oz’s time will run you $60 just for online coaching.

But next week, Oz is doing something really cool

Oz is offering an online webinar on the Excel landscape. Cool topic from this dynamic speaker.

Excel: What it is and what it can do


Quote from Oz on what you can expect.

Why is this course important?

“Teach me Excel”

I’ve been hearing that a lot over the years and the request is driven by a need to learn Excel to change careers or land that first job. But Excel is so vast.

This webinar is designed to provide an overview of Excel from the most basic to the intensely complicated. The goal being: if we can take a step back and look at the many ways Excel is used, a person should

1. Get some ideas of what they might want to learn about Excel.
2. Discover features that they might not otherwise find in their current use of Excel.

We won’t focus on the micro level. This will be a rare macro level view of the Excel landscape.



The Webinar will be held on Saturday, November 22nd at 8am Pacific PST

What’s Next?

Oz will discuss this a bit on Excel.TV Episode 19 this Tuesday at 9pm Eastern.  So Check it out.  Also…  Sign up to get my Excel Updates.



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