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Excel 3d Maze Update!

Pedro Wave made a few updates to the 3d Maze spreadsheet that I really love.
Please download the latest version to see them for yourself. Also, be sure to checkout his blog.

  • Marty Egan says:

    Great articles! I have learnt a lot from your approach, many thanks. I have a question for you: Rapid updating of cells is very important in game development, what are your thoughts on the quickest way to update a cell’s format based on rapidly changing variables: Cell conditional formatting, use vba to format interior, use vba to apply different cell styles. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jordan G says:

      Hmmm. I mean, I’m in the habit of trying everything and then comparing the results. From the outset, the quickest way would be to change a cell’s interior. In fact, if you have many cells to modify, the even quicker way is to change as many cells as you can with on action rather than iterating through each cell in the list.
      i.e. don’t do this:
      For each cell in SomeRange
      rather, do this:
      Styles are heavyweight, so they’re not my favorite option. Conditional formatting changes trigger recalculations, so in theory, they should be slowest and least preferable. That said, if you’re looking for speed, sometimes the bottleneck is because of how the spreadsheet is laid and not due to individual actions (such as triggering recalcs).

      • Marty Egan says:

        Thanks Jordan, I like the range.interior option, especially in conjunction with SomeRange.SpecialCells(xlCellType ….).Interior. Much appreciated, Marty

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