February 29

Blogging Buddies: Tristan of ExcelSide.com


As we kickoff this new year of Excel.TV, we’re proud to pioneer the new series, Blogging Buddies. Each month, we’ll introduce you to up-and-coming and new-to-the-scene Excel and data analysis blogs. We know how hard it’s to start a new blog, particularly in this space. So with this series, we want to give new bloggers a platform to help spread their message!

Meet Tristan!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQVAAAAJDM0ODZhYzI1LTYwMTktNDJjMi04ZWFjLTk5NzY1MWU4YjdhNwTristan is a “French guy passionate by financial modelling, Excel & VBA.” (His words!) In the course of his internships, he realized Excel was a powerful program rarely used to its fullest potential. He was passionate about the ways in which we could use Excel to its fullest potential and decided to share this passion by creating the blog, ExcelSide (http://ExcelSide.wordpress.com).

Tristan currently works for Corality. You might recall we met Excel-expert and the CEO of Corality, Rickard Wärnelid, at ModelOFF 2014! Corality employs some of the best financial modelers in the world. Previously, Tristan worked at Finance 3.1, which was started by renowned Excel MVP, Herve Theirez.

Tristan has been building upon his financial modeling expertise and plans to share what he’s learned in his new blog.

What’s the blog about?

Tristan plans to cover all things Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, and Power BI topics with original an approach and interactive articles. According, to Tristan, “I want to improve my readers’ skills, get them more interested..and to demystify Excel and VBA. I plan to also learn from their feedback and comments.”


If you haven’t checked out Tristan’s blog, you should. For instance, I really enjoyed his post on the INDEX/MATCH dynamic. In addition, one thing I really enjoy about his blog posts is that there are star rankings next to the topics. Fewer stars represent easier topics; more stars represent more challenging topics. This way, the reader can gauge their ability to understand the content before reading.

What are you waiting for?

Check out Tristan’s Blog! Make sure to read his articles, comment, and share!
And say “hi” to him on LinkedIn!

Want us to review your blog?

Then let us know in the comments!

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