Colors Available in ColorIndex Property – Excel Challenge

Have you answered the previous Excel challenge on Financial question in Excel? In this new Excel Challenge Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with an idea to test you a bit more about Excel. Let us look in to that.

Last Week’s Challenge

Eager to know about the present episode’s Excel Challenge which tests your knowledge on Excel? But, have a break buddy! Before going to that, let us have a look at previous episode’s Excel Challenge.

It goes in this way, “What excel function helps you figure out the monthly loan payment?”. Have you answered this and want to know the correct answer?

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Excel Challenge

PMT() is the correct answer. As Jordan said, there are millions of responses and from the correct responses, Shaun O’Donnell was selected as the winner. Congratulation Bro! Do you know what he earned by being the winner? He receives the Jordan’s free eBook version of Dashboards for Excel. You are really lucky Shaun!

You wish you could be the winner and want to earn such cool prizes? Don’t worry at all. Try to be the winner for the current episode’s Excel Challenge.

Have You Ever Used Color Index Property?

Jordan specifies that Excel has an internal color palette retrieved using the ColorIndex property. So, here comes the present episode’s Excel Challenge on the same.

“The colors in Excel’s internal palette can be retrieved using the ColorIndex property. How many colors are available in total?” Do not how many have used the Colorindex property. Jordan is expecting the maximum number of colors or maximum color index as the answer.

Do You Know What Winner Of This Episode Wins?

Winner of this challenge wins the free course from Mynda Treacy at Ah! Very lucky! You can be the one.

Be The Winner By Answering Correctly

Answer this challenge by commenting in this blog post or in Facebook Page. You can even tweet the correct answer to @ExcelTv. Hurry up for the free course!

Sridhar Belide


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