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What Function Helps You Determine Monthly Loan Payments – Excel Challenge

This time Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier comes up with the Financial functions in Excel. This proves that Excel is useful for every field. Apart from learning new things in Excel, Jordan told that this is the perfect time to win cool prizes.

Last Week’s Challenge

Before getting in to the current episode’s question, let us have a look at the previous episode’s question.

Aww! Even that was based on Financial functions in Excel.

Amazing Guys!

Ok, let us look in to that. Previous episode’s question was “What financial function returns the number of periods required to pay off a debt?”.

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Excel Challenge

The correct answer NPER. Unfortunately, there was no correct answer given by anyone and therefore no winner was announced. Do not worry for not winning it. You have got another chance to win.

Monthly Loan Payments?

Jordan comes up with another excel challenge of financial function and here it goes. “What excel function helps you figure out the monthly loan payment?”.

What are you waiting for?

If you know the answer, please go ahead and comment you answer in Excel TV blog or Facebook Page. This time we are expecting you to win the cool prizes. Come on! Keep answering!!

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  • Rahim Zulfiqar Ali says:

    PMT Function

  • Faizan Farhat says:


  • Ashok Pai says:

    PMT Function

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