July 25

2016 Excel for Mac – Excel News – Week Ending 2015-07-24


Excel.TV News & Articles

  • Dick Moffat shows you how to use Connection Strings in Excel with this download and tutorial.
  • Oz shows you new examples on how to use the “Quick Explore” mouse menu to drill into the table.
  • The new Excel 2016 preview is out! Can you identify the new chart types? .  If so you can win copies of Oz or Jordan’s book!
  • Veteran Excel bloggers Dick, Oz, Jordan, and Rick discuss what it takes to start an Excel blog. Learn important steps from those that have been there!

Other News & Posts in the Excel Community

Excel Conferences & Competitions

  • ModelOFF Moves to London for 2015
  • NOTE: We would like to get a better handle on Conferences and Competitions happening in the Excel Community.  We certainly have out Excel Challenge every episode.  And there are maybe 3 conferences a year that we are aware of.  Plus Chandoo usually has a dashboard contest at some point throughout the year, and DataPig may have something fun like his meme content.  But it just seems like there has to be more out there.  Are there any Excel competitions that we are missing?  If so, please add them in the comments section.

Do you have News or great articles to share?

The easiest way to get the word out is to leave a message in the comments section below.  We will review it and consider it for the next Excel News update.


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