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How Do Excel Gurus Solve Problems in Excel?

If we think about how Excel gurus solve problems in Excel, clearly the technical expertise comes to our minds. But that is not all there is to it. Things like communicating articulately and with confidence are also important factors. That said, there are even stranger things that might come into play, for example knowledge of […]

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Preparing for the Worst with Excel

This week’s episode is around fail-safes, that is, preparing for the worst! Of course, it might not always work out as planned. But one definitely ends up a few funny stories as a consequence. Let’s join our favorite Excel TV trio Jordan Goldmeier, Oz du Soleil, Rick Grantham and our special guest Ken Puls. Jordan […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Keyboard shortcuts, quite surprisingly, are a blessing and a menace at the same time. On one hand, when they become second nature, they are bound to improve your efficiency dramatically. On the other, shortcuts can disrupt learning during workshops and webinars. Jordan shares a funny perspective on this topic. Sometimes, when presenting in a workshop […]

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