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Send Us Your Excel Tips – Spreadsheet Challenge

Welcome All! Excel MVP Jordan Goldmeier is back with an interesting VBA Express Weekly Challenge for you guys. Hope you all answered previous week’s Excel Challenge. So, let us look at it first before proceeding with this week’s Excel challenge.

Last Week’s Challenge

As we all know last week’s challenge comes to us from Rahim Zulfiqar Ali who runs His question was “How many worksheet functions are there in Excel 2013?”

Correct Answer From Last Week’s Challenge

Jordan said that no one got the exact number, but there was a winner who got it approximately. So, the correct answer is 448 and the winner is James Tays. Congratulations! You will be winning a free entry to this year’s model of publication graduation.

Send Us Your Excel Tips – Spreadsheet Challenge

This week is not ours. Yes, it is yours’. We invite you to send us your favorite Excel tips over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We will share Oz’s favorite five Siracha tips on air. So, send us the Excel tip which will be rated high by Oz.

You can even go a step further and send us a video of your Excel tip. If it is useful, we will even share it on our YouTube channel. We will also announce one random winner.

Hurry Up To Answer

Go ahead and send us your favorite Excel tip in Excel TV blog post or Facebook ( or comment on the YouTube video. You can even tweet to @ExcelTV or leave a note in the comments section. Hurry Up!