Let's be honest.  If you are an Excel Consultant, you're kind of special.  Going to your average Excel website and reading pages of how to do a VLookup bores you to tears.

Here at Excel TV, we have the benefit of interviewing Excel Bloggers, Trainers, Authors, and Experts in the field.  We ask them how they built their websites, how they built their consulting firms. tips to interacting with the business or IT.  Or said differently, we asked them the sorts of things you would have liked to ask them.

We also speak to Excel conference organizers.  And since most Excel Consultants don't attend every (if any) conference, we have documented our attendance where possible.

Also... Some people may have ended up on this page because they are looking to hire and Excel Consultant.  We will help you with that too.

How To Hire An Excel Consultant

How To Blog, Podcast, Train, & More

Once you break out on your own, Excel gurus are often compelled to become more visible.  To start a blog, create training materials, etc.  To put yourself out there so people can find you.  Click on the links below to learn from the best on how they developed their online presence and cultivated their products and brand.

Tips For Excel Developers

These are not coding tips necessarily.  We have those kinds of tips all over this website.  Rather, this is a focus on the soft skills needed.  What do the best in the business think the role of IT is?  How about the business user?  In the links below, we offer you perspectives from Excel gurus.

Excel Expert Interviews

Interviewing Excel, VBA, and Power BI experts is our full time gig.  So over the coming months, we will give you plenty of links to the Interview segments of our show.  These will include authors, bloggers, trainers and consultants.  You get to hear them in their own words.  This isn't a tips section.  This is a Q&A format.  Here are a few interviews to get you started.  More to come.

Conferences and Public Speaking

Here at Excel TV, our hosts are asked to speak at a lot of Excel conferences.  When we go, we bring our video camera and blog when possible.  In other instances, we speak to the conference organizers and bring you their thoughts here.  The articles below aren't a substitute for attending the conference, but it should give you a decent feel for what to expect from Excel & Power BI Conferences as you are budgeting your travel and training dollars.

Amsterdam Excel Summit - 2015

PASS Business Analytics Conference - 2015

ModelOFF - Financial Modeling World Championship - 2014

MVP Summit - Microsoft Headquarters - 2014