October 19

Number Of Period Required To Pay Off Debt – Excel Finance Function Challenge



Hundreds Of Millions Guess Wrong

In our last episode, Jordan poses the question: Which Version of Excel has the Hall of Tortured Souls Easter Egg?

Of the alleged millions of Excel TV viewers that pondered the previous episodes challenge there were exactly zero correct answers.

Congrats: No One

You are the winner of Nothing.

Your Mom will be so proud.  The answer was Excel 95.

What Version Of Excel Had An Easter Egg Featuring The Hall Of Tortured Souls?

DataPig Contest Winner

In our previous episode, Michael Alexander of DataPigTechnologies and the Bacon Bits Blog offered a contest where he would give away a complimentary ticket to his Power BI Bootcamp in Dallas Texas to a person at random that mention “ice cream sandwich” in the comments section of the episode.  Yes… you read that right.

The winner was Alex Powers. Congrats Alex.

This Weeks’ Challenge

What Financial Function Returns The Number Of Periods To Pay Off A Debt?

The winner of the challenge will win an ebook version of Jordan’s new book, Dashboards for Excel.

So How Do I Win?

Leave that guess below.  Jordan will pick a winner randomly from all the correct answers.


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